How To Get Alia Bhatt’s Coral Smoky Eye Look?


How To Get Alia Bhatt’s Coral Smoky Eye Look?

Smoky Eyes are an absolute obsession for all the eye makeup lovers! It also is the best trend one could have asked for from the ultimate makeup artists who are well aware as to what would look nice on almost every eye shape & go well with any occasion, come what may!

A smoky eye makeup would not require any expertise and it can be attempted by even a makeup novice with one basic trick that is to blend everything well & do not go overboard with shadows as that might just end up looking what we all have seen in memes everywhere about smoky eyes!

coral smoky eye look alia bhatt

Well, here we are not talking about any smoky eye but one sported by the charming Alia Bhatt. She left all of us in awe of her look during an award function!

alia bhatt coral smoky eye

Yes talking about the every so gorgeous & raw beauty Alia Bhatt and her recent stint at the Red Carpet of GQ Style Awards!

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alia bhatt coral smoky eye makeup

Well, obviously the makeup artists did a fabulous job with her entire makeup look but her eyes caught the most attention and with summers everywhere it look that the ultimate smoky eye trend with a coral shadow is just perfect for the upcoming parties & occasions!

Another great thing about this eye look was that it blended very well with her outfit & clean hair look! It look as fresh as the spring breeze. The Coral Eye Look added a charm to her face and felt Oh so fresh!

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alia bhatt smoky eye look

How To Achieve Coral Smoky Eye Look?

So, here we have a quick breakdown of how you too can achieve a similar coral smoky eye look. Along with that the products you can try to get this look!

Start with applying an eye primer & follow with a concealer on the under eyes!

Now after concealing opt for a deeply pigmented coral eye shadow to start off as a base for the coral smoky eye!

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alia bhatt coral smoky look

Coral Eye Shadow Suggestions:

Apply it all over the upper eyelids just below the brown bone! Now with the help of a precised eye shadow brush, use the coral shade with light hand along the lash line & also below the lash line till the crease-area which appears as a very light hint of coral eye shade.

Now, take a golden shimmer based eye shadow & lightly dust it along the inner half of the upper eyelids from the inner corner of the eyes to the middle crease area!

Golden Shimmer Eye Shadow Suggestions:

Blend the shadow on the crease lightly without much efforts because this smoky eye doesn’t require expert blending as done in a cut-crease eye makeup!

Apply a volumizing mascara if you have very sparse lashes otherwise a regular mascara is enough on both the upper & lower eye lashes!

Mascara Suggestions:

With this, you are all set to rock a new and fresh looking trend of Coral Smoky Eyes! Wear subtle shade of coral on the cheeks as blush & and a muted coral lip color to go well with the smoky eye look!

I hope you like this Smoky eye look breakdown and would surely try if you are having a similar eye shadow palette or eye shadow as suggested!


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