Wise She Magnet – How To Get Aqua Eyes



aqua eyes makeup


1)Apply a liquid matte foundation evenly all over your face for a flawless finish.

2) Lighten the colour as you move up to the crease and soften the edges with a clean brush.

3)Follow it up with a matte compact

4) Draw a barely there line on your upper eyelids with a liquid eyeliner.Sweep your eyelashes with a few generoud coats of volumising mascara.

5)Use an eye primer as base.Mix a blue matte eyeshadow and brush it over your lids

6) Finish off by dusting a hint of brozer onto your cheekbones to warm up your complexion.


Insider trick – If you’re the experimenting kind, ditch your regular black winged eyeliner look and draw a slash of turquoise blue or green on your upper eyelids just above the crease.


Products Recommended:-

1).Givency Paris Magic Khol – 1075

2)Lakme absolute white intense two way compact – INR 550.

3) Faces canada I-Shine eyeshadow Quartet Blue – INR 599


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  1. What is the difference between compact with dry and wet sponge.. ? Normal compact one can i use it with wet sponges?

  2. I dont have blue eye shadow. Lats week , i smudged colorbar electric blue pencil . 😀 ..wonderful it looked :yippee:


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