How To Get Baby Pink Lips


How To Get Baby Pink Lips

These days natural pink lips are rarely seen, having naturally pink lips is an attractive feature and we honestly crave alot for getting them. If you have pink lips then you do not need to keep layering lip colours on your lips all the time. And who doesn’t want pink soft lips, it is always beautiful to remain sober and without makeup. With our disturbed lifestyle, pigmentation of lips is a common problem.

Dark and Pigmented lips can be genetic also and there is nothing much you can do about genes unless you get permanent lip colour. But if you have lighter pigmentation or your lips turned dark due to some reason, you can follow some tips to get lips like a baby.

Here’s How To Get Baby Pink Lips-


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Eat Your Way To Pink Lips

Vitamins help in keeping skin healthy. Vitamin C in particular is essential to keep lips free from chapping and darkness. Healthy foods rich in vitamin C are must if you want your lips to stay pink.

Having healthy diet like fruits and green vegetables is good for lightening the darkness.

Also drinking Coconut water, or applying Coconut Oil daily before sleeping helps in slowly but permanently getting the pink lips.



Increase your intake of water. Hydrating body is an important part of removing pigmentation. Our lips have one of the most thin and sensitive one, that’s why they get cracked and pigmented so fast.
Drinking water daily in the morning by empty stomach improves the blood circulation and automatically makes your skin hydrate and beautiful.

Say No To Addiction

Addiction is harmful for your health. No matter you are addicted to a good source or a bad one, too much of something will always kill you.

You can be addicted to cigarettes or to caffeine or to some light drug, all of these are bad for lips too. Smoking is good for nothing so kick the butt for your best. Limit your caffeine intake too. Both smoking and tea/coffee are culprits behind dark lips.

Lower down your habit of taking medicines, frequent use of pain killers are also one of the reason behind pigmentation. Use natural ways instead like churan, balms or lotions for healing pains.

Use Sunscreen

Sun is a bliss in India. I couldnt imgaine living abroad where summers are treated as festivals because they arrive as a guest.
But we should keep in mind the harmful effects of sun rays which effects equally in summers and winters.
It is best to avoid sun especially when it is at its harshest. Always remember to wear lip balms with SPF if you need to go out in sun. It protects lips from getting dark. Lip balms also keep lips hydrated and safe from pigmentation.
People who apply Glycerine in their day to day life should be aware that Glycerine attracts sun rays. So never use Glycerine while going out.

There are many scrubs available in the market. While using scrub on your face, properly scrub your lips as well.
Scrubbing helps in removing the dead skin and cells and indirectly way to get pink lips.
Always apply a good nourishing lip balm after scrubbing so that it become softer and get all moisture.
If you are not going anywhere and staying home, then you can go for olive oil and ghee as well. They looks glossy but why to mind when you are home.

Brushing Lips

hot pink from colorbar lipstick pigmented lips
This technique is the top class way of getting soft and pink lips in no time. Daily while brushing your teeth, softly brush your lips as well. Remember to be very firm while doing this.
Rotate your brush circular and anti circular for few seconds and wash it. Apply balm afterwards.
Daily going for this technique will give you amazing lustrous results in 15 days. We bet!

Anti septic Creams- Boroline and Boroplus
Applying anti septic creams like Boroline and Boroplus daily at night before sleeping is very helpful.
It softens your skin to the best and nourishes your lips to the core.
People who smoke regularly if apply these anti-septic creams at night will never develop pigmented and dark lips.

Mustard Oil on Belly Button
Applying Mustard oil Belly button daily before sleeping at night is a proven vedic treatment to get soft and pink lips.
Try and you will be amazed to see the difference in 2-3 days.
Skip the why and how part and start using it from today.
It is one of the easiest and available treatment for your lips. Doing this daily will save your body from drying as well and make your skin soft. For people who have oily skin, dont worry as this wont increase oil on your face and increase acne.

Good Makeup

We doesn’t mean that makeup will not make your lips turn pink naturally but usage of good quality lip colors can definitely help your lips in staying true to their natural color. You should always use good quality products, as the low quality cosmetics use harsh chemicals that can ruin the pink in your lips. So better way is keeping less quantity of cosmetic but no compromise when it comes to quality.

Home remedies

These are the natural way to get baby pink lips. Honey, almond oil, olive oil etc can help lips in staying pink. Home remedies can also help in restoring the natural colour of your lips. You can check some very effective home remedies to cure dark lips here.

Home made Scrubs

1. Sugar and Honey
Sugar and honey scrub works great as a natural scrub on skin and lips.
Taking the same quantity and scrubbing softly on lips will help you get over with the dead skin and cells and naturalist will give you faster results of getting pink lips.
Lightly scrubbing your lips with sugar or dark skin from lips. Your lips will turn soft and pink if you are regular with scrubbing. Some ready-made lip scrubs are also available.

2. Wheat Flour particles

While fining your flour at home, you must have seen the particles which are left by.

Mixing honey and little of fresh cream in it can do wonders as scrub on your lips.

It is homemade and under your arms and not harsh to scrub.


3.Orange seeds

Grind the orange seeds and mix it with fresh cream and lemon juice and apply this paste on your lips to remove the pigments and darkening.

It will improve the color of your lips and will make them soft.

Do not forget to use lip moisturizer or lip balm after it as the lemon content in any recipe dries the skin.

Ready-made Treatments

Some ready made products also claim to cure lip pigmentation. You can try them as well. Biotique Bio Fruit Whitening Lip balm, Burt Bee’s Beeswax Lip Balm and Lush Vegan Lip Balmare some of the products that can help in turning your lips pink.

Natural Lipsticks If these methods doesnt work with you, you can try good pink lipshades which will give you natural color on lips and will also boost your confidence against dark lips. Shades like:

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick Sultry Pink. NYX- Black Label Lipstick in Beauty Queen Lakme Enrich Satin- shade 135 Colorbar Passionate Lipshade

What methods do you follow to get baby pink lips?

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