How to get back the shine and bounce in hair after over using hair styling products (a simple cleaning and conditioning routine)


Over use of hair straighteners, dryers and styling products takes its toll on your hair. One must follow a rescue routine to get back their shining hair.

To start with it get a right shampoo conditioner ,brush(paddle brush if possible) and serum

Cleaning Wash your hair at night and style them in the morning. Washing them at night helps the hair as the natural oils get time to travel down the strands.

Buy product which has ceramides and panthenol in it as both the ingredients helps in restoring the oil which gets washed away after shampooing the hair.

Do not wash your hair rigorously as this will take off the natural sebum and will make them look rough.

To give extra shine to your hair use a conditioning shampoo or a smoothing hair cleanser.

Conditioning– Use a light weight conditioner that doesn’t weight down the hair.

Keep the conditioner for five minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water to rinse off the conditioner.

Take the last rinse with cold water as it will cover up the moisture and will add glow and shine to hair.

Do not put your hair forwards while applying conditioner. Always keep them back.
For straight hair use a leave in conditioner as these are light to use and add shine to the hair.

For the added gloss make your own conditioner by mixing one part conditioner with one part of water. Spray it on your hair and blow dry for few minutes.

In the end apply serum and towel dry your hair from mid length to the tip .This will smoothen the hair and will keep them moisturized.

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