How To Get Beautiful Glow Before Marriage


How To Get Beautiful Glow Before Marriage

Marriage is certainly the most important event in a girl’s life as she is the one who is the center of attraction that particular day and the rest of the events related with the romantic alliance of two people.  Marriage, whether love or arranged, one surely has many preparations which need to start taking place a good while ago before the wedding day.

During all the preparations and handling work and other family responsibilities, a girl really finds it tough to manage everything at the same time. Marriage is not only about the future relationship that is going to happen but it also calls for equal attention and quality time which she needs to spend with her family before she is married. Well, this surely requires a lot of time and energy and at the same time a girl needs to look her best for her wedding day which cannot be possible if she is continuously stressed or busy in the many responsibilities and doesn’t have any time to devote to her skin or body!

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Well, here are few tips which need to be followed for getting a beautiful glow before marriage so as to look all radiant on the wedding day!

Healthy Diet-

Your body is a holy place so stop treating it badly and eat healthy as it is only going to keep you healthy in the long run. A healthy diet is really helpful in getting a beautiful glowing skin which naturally looks beautiful without the use of any cosmetics.


Drink Water-

Drinking water is probably one for the best and most easy ways to remain fit and disease free. So don’t forget to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday and make sure there is no waste material inside your system and all the toxic waste gets flushed out.

Keep Calm & Practice meditation-

A wedding on the cards and calmness in the house is surely not a possible match as there are last minute preparations and things which need to be managed so amidst all this take a while and practice deep breathing exercise to remain calm and relaxed.

Take out time for exercise-

Devote some time for exercise and if you cannot manage exercising then just try to go on regular walks after dinner and early morning so as to keep your body active and fit for the coming days when you need to accumulate much energy for the week before marriage with all the emotional & physical tension which is bound to happen at that time.

Follow a Skincare regime-

It is not going to take more than 10 minutes daily but the result will be remarkable for you as your skin will be naturally healthy by following a good cleansing, toning & moisturizing routine for the face. It is also great if you engage in weekly exfoliation of the skin and use a homemade body polishing scrub which usually begins a month before the wedding!

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Opt for a Good Bridal Package-

Your wedding day is surely going to be your dream day and you need to make sure that you look great on that day so indulge in a Bridal Package from a reputed brand so that you have an overall beauty ritual through professional services to make your skin perfect and glowing.

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Have Plenty of Sleep-

Sleeping is as important as all of the above things as your biological clock needs to incorporate with all the changes taking place in your mind & body and for that an adequate sleep for at least 7-8 hours is a must for a to be bride.

I hope you like these suggestions and agree that these will surely help out a girl in getting the much needed glow before marriage!

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  1. Nice writeup Ira. Right now one of my friend’s is getting married and I am helping her with her pre bridal beauty treatments. i made a chart for her to follow 😛 Looks like its working good so far.

  2. Awsome post Ira.. wish I had some guidance like dis during my marriage prep.. 🙁 I took just one chuti bfr my marriage n got a facial done.. dats all.. no package n all 😀

    • Even I could not take out time for any beauty treatment prior to my marriage ( registered court marriage)!!

      but after 2 months when I was to finally be wid hubs I got few services done from the salon.
      I was really lean back then so didn’t exercise at all..! used to spend all the time on the phone so sleep deprived..
      but I made sure that my close friend followed these rituals perfectly for her d- day! as she had an elaborate marriage function!!


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