How To Get Burgundy Hair At Home



How To Get Burgundy Hair At Home

Off lately we had a whole lot of talks here on wiseshe about hair coloring and busted some common myths about it, so how about plunging into hair coloring.

Now that the fall season has begun to give us the cool winds, why not livening up your hair with some bold, rich notes of a burgundy hair color.

Burgundy hair refers to the red, black, or brown hair color which has purple tones. This shade is an easy shade to achieve on dark brown hair, and this makes burgundy color an ideal choice to give an edgy and bold hair look.




Rihanna and Cheryl Cole flaunt burgundy hair with so much ease and set a perfect example about how burgundy color adds a youthful spin to your hair.

Before I tell you how to dye your hair burgundy at home let me first tell you how a burgundy color shows up on various Indian hair color types:

Extremely Dark Or Previously Dyed Hair:

Getting a burgundy color on this hair type is a difficult task. For such dark hair one might need to pick a very vibrant color to have a burgundy color on your hair. A reddish purple will be a great choice for such cases to show up an gorgeous burgundy color.

Light Brown To Medium Brown/Light Brown To Black Hair:

If you have such hair then you really got to consider yourself a lucky lass. Any of the above mentioned hair color type easily catches burgundy color. You can have a safe choice of a light burgundy color or can opt for a deep black burgundy color.

There are majorly two ways of getting a burgundy hair color, you can either opt for a commercially sold branded hair color dye or you can opt for the traditional henna to get burgundy hair color.

Burgundy Hair With Henna:

Henna is the most natural and traditional way of getting a burgundy hair color. Trust me on this getting burgundy hair color gets very easy with this way. All you need is a beetroot or two and some henna, quantities of both beetroot and henna is dependent upon hair volume & length.

Grind beetroot and mix its juice with henna to form a paste.


Henna in hair care+Henna +hair conditioner+hair care+hair product reviews


Apply this paste on your hair and leave it at least for an hour, you can extend the timings if you are comfortable.

Wash your hair and TaaaDaaa the new you with a chemical free process of burgundy hair.

Burgundy Hair With Commercial Dye:

If you do not have time and energy for the henna way of getting a burgundy hair color, then you can choose the easily available commercial hair colors available in markets. Confused about how to color at home!!!

Worry not I shall tell you the process step by step and this way you can save oodles of money that you might have spent in the salon on getting your hair colored burgundy.


How to color hair at home


Choose ammonia and peroxide free hair color, you can read the product description to know this. Now that you have purchased the hair color, let us get started.

Step 1 – Before we commence any coloring process I shall just conducting an allergy test first, Infact this is why I have included this as a step so that you do not miss out the allergy test. Mix a small amount of the hair dye/color and smear it on your eyebrow or near nose and observe that skin patch for some 48 hours so as to ensure that you do not have an allergic reaction.

Now with the skin allergic test, perform a strand test too. Apply some hair color to s strand of your hair. Check how your strand accepts the color, is the color as per your wish or is it way too loud or a bit too light. The strand test reduces the risk of having a clownish head.

Step 2 -  If you have passed the above mentioned test successfully, start with the hair dye procedure.

To begin with, dress yourself in some of your old clothes because dripping of hair dyes may get your clothes ruined. Also ensure that you wear gloves before getting into the procedure.

Step 3 -  So you have colored your hair before and do not think about getting directions every time you dye…!!!! STOP before you proceed!!!

Read instructions given on the manual of your hair dye, infact read every time you dye because different brands & products have different instructions. So it is always best to read them and double check.

Now as per the instructions mix the colorant and developer into precise amounts. Try to be exact and do not rely on estimations because a little miss match of quantity may affect the end results.

Step 4 -  Now with the help of a coloring brush apply hair color from your hair roots to all the way down to your hair ends. Evenly coat your hair.

Put some dye in your hands and gently massage it into your hair, working from the roots out. Evenly coat and evenly saturate your hair. Leaving excess dye in your hair may result in uneven coloring.

Step 5 – Comb your hair to get rid of any excess dye and this will also help in evenly distributing the dye. Leaving any excess color in your hair may result in uneven coloring.

Step 6 -  Now cover your head with a plastic bag, ensure that you cover all of your hair. You can also secure it with a hair clip.

Step 7 – Now as per instruction, set a timer. Hair dyes have many chemicals and if they are left for any excess time duration other than instructed, the chemicals may behave harsh and damage your hair. Again do not estimate and try to be exact in terms of timings.

Step 8 – After you the instructed time duration is over, remove the head cap and wash your hair as per instructions.


Lush Caca brun before and after picture


Wasn’t that easy ladies?

This was all about burgundy hair dyes, specifically for Indian hair types. I hope this article helps you, do pour in your suggestions and views.

Your opinion always matter, till then Stay Beautiful – Stay Wise!!!

Do you color your hair?

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  1. Very nice article, i have dark brown hair, i wanted mahogany tints used loreal casting creme gloss in mahogany but i didnt get much color , n within 10 washes everything was gone,i have few greys can anyone suggest me if i sud go with loreal excellence creme permanenet hair color or loreal casting creme darker shade??


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