How To Get Deepika Padukone’s Piku Movie Look


How To Get Deepika Padukone’s Piku Movie Look

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How many of you have seen Piku the movie? I really liked the movie, not because of the mainstream topic Constipation but because of great actors and the strong father-daughter relationship. And I too share a similar rapport with my father. I get into good arguments with my father, but we both actually like it and that’s the USP of our relationship, we argue but simply cannot live without each other. He questions me on the silliest of things, not because he is unaware but because he wants me to get angry and argue with him. He is the one who has brought me up in a way that I feel really strong about myself.

deepika padukone in piku

I guess most daughters have the similar relationship with their father. There is another great thing that I liked about the movie was the Deepika Padukone’s makeup look. Her look was very Indian, very subtle and very natural. This dusky beauty carried off a look that focused on kohled eyes and neutral lips. Almost every Indian girl relate to this easy peasy simple look.

To get the look exactly in place, I shall share you all some tips to get the Deepika Padukone’s Piku Movie Look. The makeup look that I shall be sharing to do is the look that Deepika carried in most parts of the movie and in the promotional posters as well.

deepika padukone Makeup Look in Piku

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Step 1 – As always for any makeup look, prep your skin and moisturize it really well.

Step 2 – In the movie, Deepika flaunted a very dewy, natural looking look. For this I suggest using a foundation which is not very cakey or heavy and at the same time imparts glow. Liquid foundations with medium coverage will prove ideal to be used for this look.

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Step 3 – Now begin with concealer. In the movie look bold eyes were the focus and to keep the look at par. You really need to cover up under eyes circles really well. Bold eye makeup looks bad with dark and puffy under eyes. Also her skin was really flawless and to match up to that you should conceal your blemishes at this step.

I suggest using concealer after foundation because this way you do not end up using any extra product and use just as much as required.


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Bold Brows

Step 4 – Bold thick eyebrows are a must for this look so ensure filling in your eyebrows and shape them thick. Use a brow eye shadow powder or gel for shaping and filling the eye brows. A black eye brow filler will be a bad choice.



Step 5 – Now let us head over to the eye makeup. For the eye makeup there was no obvious use of eye shadows, however if you desire you can definitely use neutral brown shades.

Take a kohl pencil, a smudge proof variant will great since you do not want to have raccoon eyes. Now with black kohl pencil tight line and apply on your waterline. Once you are done with this, apply a thick layer of kohl on your lower lash line and a thin line on your upper lash line. Do not forget to join both the lines and smudge them a bit to create soft lines.

To be extra sure about later smudging of kohl, apply a layer of black eye shadow over the kohl.

Step 6 – Deepika has deeply set eyes, and if you are not as blessed as her you can cheat it by applying a brown eye shadow in the crease.
Apply some highlighter at your brown bone to highlight the brows.

Step 7 – In the movie heavy kohled rimmed eyes were the show stealer while the eye lashes were not kept over stated. Just well curled eye lashes with a curling mascara will just to do. Do not opt for falsies in this look and no extra volume boosting mascara.

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Set Your Makeup

Step 8 – No with any translucent powder set your concealer and t zone. Brush off any fall outs with a fan brush.

Step 9 – There was no prominent highlighting and contouring in her look just a flush of earthy, peachy pink blush gave her the subtle natural glow. So apply a slightly shimmery peachy pink or an earthy shade of blush depending upon your skin tone. Do not go over board and allow the look to stay natural.

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Step 10 – Neutral lips were paired with bold eyes. So gain go for an earthy neutral lip shade. A slightly deeper shade than your MLBB shade will just be good. You can also blot the shade to make it subtle.

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Step 11 – Here comes the most important thing to complete the look. Use a round medium sized bindi. The bindi gave this look the touch of traditional Indian look.

Complete the look with a wavy pony tail or loose wavy hair. Wasn’t this look very easy? Do try it out and show us how you look.

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