How To Get Dewy Skin With Foundation


Jhuma asks,

I read Nafisa detailed post on foundation and it has solved lot many doubts of mine.Can some one give me a detail explanation on how I can get dewy skin .My skin has open pores and needs little bit of coverage too .




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  1. The best foundation that gives me dewy & radiant skin is Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. 🙂
    In winter I spray Vitamin E face mist from The Body Shop to add glow on my face !

  2. Hi Jhuma,
    You can mix few drops of essential oil with the foundation . It gives that glowy dewy look. I use the ones from MAc though they are not pure Essential oils, it works great!

  3. Dewy-finish foundation like Bourjois is quite sheer and is great for those who have fairly good skin with very few spots to hide. To fill in pores, you can use a primer like L’oreal Base magique primer. Using a stippling brush/ flat-top kabuki brush helps to buff the foundation into the pores making them less visible. For a dewy effect, u can mix a highlighter like Revlon skinlights to ur regular foundation. If you don’t like the sheen it gives, simply use a hydrating mist over ur foundation like Shriya suggested. TBS vitamin E mist is really good, else u can settle for plain rose water in a spray bottle 🙂

  4. You said you have pores, so I will suggest you using a primer, do use a primer thts a bit hydrating and also takes care of the pores, you may use clarins flash balm, do use a highlighter like revlon age defying spa illuminator mixed with your foundation for dewy look.Also moisturise your skin properly. do use mac face and body foundation or the new lotus purestay foundation both of them give dewy glow.

  5. Try TBS extra virgin minerals liquid foundation, I’ve used it and it leaves the skin looking almost natural and dewy. It is best to use in winters.


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