How To Get Even Skin Tone


By Shruti,

Can you recommend me how to even out my skin tone.I don’t want to use makeup to even it out.Any product or herbal remedies which can even out skin tone naturally?


how to get even skin tone


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  1. before u go to yur bed apply apple cider vinegar twice a week..if it doesn’t give you any side effects then it is going to help you in getting an even skin tone..but be careful don forget to do a test patch before doing this .

    hope this helps

  2. apply gram flour mixed with tamarind powder n fullers earth twice a week… will act as exfoliator n will even out ur skin…. :-))

  3. scrub face with paste made by mixng haldi,neem pwdr,honey,rose water 2ise a week.Actually this srub is 4 wrinkles.I read abt it at some website.but it also helps in getng even skin tone n remov’g other blemishes.

  4. srub face with paste made by mix haldi,neempwdr,honey,rose water 2ise a week.actually this 1 is 4 rinkles.but it also helps in getng even skin tone n removng oher blemishes.

  5. after 2 weeks 1 can see d difference n with regular use it helps in getng even skin mom appy only neem haldi every thusday n at age of 45 she has an evn skin tone.I added 1/2 tsp fullers earth also n after 1 use only I had noticed d diff..about wrinkels i cant comt coz i dnt have wrinkles na.

    one more thing ani my mom didnt get tanned,I think it is due 2 turmeric coz it acts as natural sunsreen.

    • yes sunscreen has antiseptic properties and protects the skin from tanning:)
      good it is working for you mona:)

  6. @MONA

    Turmeric a natural sunscreen! News 4 me! Thnks 4 sharing info 🙂

    n y every Thursday only.. any peculiar reason ?:-)

  7. M a 22 yr old girl. I also have dark corners around the lips and dark circles unders my eyes. Like you have mentioned above just milk or honey will do the work right? Plain milk if applied how long should one keep it on? M going in for this one because i have a sensitive skin.


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