How To Get False Eyelashes Like Eyelashes Without Using False Eyelashes



How To Get False Eyelashes Like Eyelashes Without Using False Eyelashes

Thick and long false eyelash like lashes is every girl’s dream. But not every woman has their dream lashes naturally, but it is not that impossible too.

Long and beautiful eyelashes can be achieved with the help of makeup and natural methods too. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you don’t have to wear false eyelashes to make your eyes look beautiful?

So here are the steps you can follow:-


  • Practice regular grooming of your lashes. We brush our hair every day, right? So why ignore the lashes. Brush your lashes everyday with an eye lash comb, a regular toothbrush or a clean mascara wand. Daily brushing stimulates lash growth.
  • It has to be strong if you want it to be long. Add a few drops of Vitamin-E oil on your clean mascara band and brush your lashes with it. Vitamin E oil helps prevent lashes from shedding.
  • Stop the abuse. Don’t rub eyes or eye areas. It will result in eyelash breakage or shedding.
  • Don’t forget to remove your makeup.
  • Use olive oil to remove your eye makeup. Olive oil has the capacity to remove the best of waterproof products and in the process it will moisturize, strengthen your lashes as well.
  • Massage castor oil or Vaseline on lashes before going to bed. Be gentle.


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Yes, makeup has the solution to many of our beauty problems. But if you have weak and brittle lashes, no makeup can help you. You have to take care of them on a regular basis. Follow the previous steps please.

  • Take a black eye pencil and tight-line your waterline. Tight-lining is simply lining your upper waterline with a dark colored eye pencil, preferably with something black. This will make your eyelashes a lot thicker.
  • Prime your lashes. Now there are several eyelash primers available in the market, but I don’t really like the idea of white mascaras in the form of primers. Hiding the white lashes with black mascara is some task and it makes my lashes clumpy.
    So, my solution is a baby powder. I dip my eyelash brush into the powder and brush it through my eyelashes. It coats the lashes in powder and gives your mascara a good base to cling onto.
  • Curl your eyelashes. Be as gentle as possible. Curling makes a huge difference, it makes your eyes look bigger and lashes longer and prettier.
  • Now, the mascaras. If possible take three separate mascaras which work best on their own field. Like one for adding volume, one for curling and one waterproof one. Play around to find your favorite combination. If you get three in one then, BINGO..!!
  • Take the mascara which has a curved wand, it will separate lashes really well and will help you to hold back the cur, look long and natural.
  • Now, the key to apply mascara is to gently zigzag out. Get your wand and put it at the base of your lashes, as close as you can and gently zig-zag in and out. Don’t forget the upper portion of your lashes.


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  • Let the mascara dry a little, but not completely, and use a clean wand to fan out your lashes.
  • Follow with the second mascara you are using. If you are using the same mascara then this step is for the second coat.
  • Let it dry a little, dip your toothbrush in powder and comb out the lashes off any clumps.
  • Time for the final coat, apply the third mascara or your third coat.
  • Now it is normal to have clumps at this stage. For that the solution is a set of tweezers. Start to separate your clumps with the help of it.

Follow these steps to get false eyelashes like eyelashes without using false eyelashes.

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