How To Get Flawless Face With Makeup



How To get Flawless Face With Makeup


Let me start with a very simple question….. Why do we wear makeup?

I know, you all must now be wondering that what has happened to me and why am I asking this kind of question!!!

You will definitely get to know your answer to this but before that you people got to answer my question, I repeat again, “Why do we wear Makeup?”

I can bet, out of 100, 90 people will say, “How silly is that, of course we wear makeup to look beautiful!!!”

So my next question to those 90 people is, “What does looking beautiful mean to you, 1) looking made up or 2) looking like a total different person (unrecognizable in general) or 3) hiding on imperfections of the face to look beautiful with a flawless skin ?”

This may shock you that 99% of these 90 people will chose option 3) hiding on imperfections of the face to look beautiful with a flawless skin, but the irony is that in an urge to look flawless with makeup, a little over ruling of some makeup tips these people end up looking made up.


makeup tips for olive skin tone


So today with this article shall bring forth you some very basic makeup tips that should not be ignored while aiming to have a flawless face with makeup:

Cleanse Your Face:

This is very basic and almost everybody does it, but for few who do not, “Wash your face with a good cleanser”. Washing your face will clean your skin and get rid of all the dirt and oil from face. Do not just wash face with any random cleanser that you come across. Chose a cleanser that suits your skin best, like oily skins should not go for crème based cleanser or dry skins should not opt for gel based cleanser.


Olay Professional Pro-X Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser Review+skin


Consider your skin type while choosing a cleanser is necessary.

Moisturize your Face:

Many people have a tendency to skip on this step, but moisturizing your face is very crucial no matter you wear makeup or not. Cleansing the face may at times rip off natural oils from your face along with the dirt and sebum, which will your face dry and stretchy. Makeup looks bizarre on a dry- stretchy face.

So this makes complete sense to moisturize before wearing makeup to make your skin.

Again moisturizer too needs to be as per your skin type.


Baylis & Harding body lotion


Thick crème moisturizers for dry skins, crème moisturizer for normal skins and water based moisturizers for oily skins.

Prep Up With Primer:

Primers are most commonly known for their use as increasing the makeup wearing time and letting the makeup last for long and people at times skip primers considering that they do not want a long lasting makeup. Primers also help in smoothing out your face and allow foundations and concealors to spread & blend easily. Choose a good primer and prep up your skin for the next steps.


Bodyography Foundation Primer Clear+ best drugsture primer


Coceal the Imperfections:

Concealing is very important to achieve a flawless skin. Though there has a lot of discussion happened and is still happening over the shade selection of concealor, but experts suggest that concealor should be in relevance with your skintone, and makeup expert Ana Marie Rizzeri says “Choosing a shade lighter is a myth”.

A lighter shade under dark circles will give an impression of you wearing a pair of shades while your face was getting tanned… I hope you are getting what I mean to say. Blemishes and dark circles at times may require a corrector before concealing for flawless concealing. But choosing a shade lighter is definitely not a good idea.


Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up Concealer Wheat


Apply concealor on zits and blemishes and stipple using a small brush & dab with fingers to blend it in. While concealing dark circles do not forget to conceal the inner corners of eyes since they are usually darker then rest of the areas around the eyes.

Even Tone With Foundation

Pick a foundation matching to your skin tone. To find a foundation that matches your complexion, test the color on your neck. Your skin tone is more uniform there than it is on your face, so you’ll wind up with a shade that’s just right or apply the foundation on your jaw line and check in natural day light. Avoid luminous or matte ones since they make the skin appear either too moist or too flat to be natural, and instead look for the words “lightweight,” “sheer,” or “invisible.” Some lightweight foundations won’t mask every flaw. For extra coverage, you need more pigment, not a heavier texture.


mac face & body foundation


To get your skin dewy and radiant use an illuminator. Just mix a pea-sized amount of illuminator with your foundation and you’ll get glowing skin. Apply the foundation with a foundation brush or diffuse with a sponge. Make sure to get your jaw line, ears and around your eyes. Always blend down ways or sideways but never up or against your facial hair growth.

Blush / Highlighter & Bronzer:

Apply the blush most preferably on your apple cheeks, but for an even more precise blush application according to face shape, you can click here.

A good contouring will help you achieve a well sculpted look. We have a very useful guide about contouring, please click here.


shiseido bronzer india


Setting it Up:

To set your face makeup, choose a loose mineral powder or a translucent powder and set it with a good fluffy powder brush.


Kryolan must have+translucent powder


Work your Eyes:

Jazz your eyes just the way you may desire. Opt for darker eye shadows if you want a smokey look and for subtle look you can opt for lighter eye shadows. Do not forget to use eye liner and give a dose of mascara to your lashes after you have curled your lashes.


Rihanna CFDA makeup smokey eyes


Color Your Lips:

If you have dry, chapped lips, first gently buff with a damp wash cloth and apply a lip balm. After the lip balm has sunk in, blot with a tissue to avoid extra greasiness, now apply a lip color with a brush for a precise application. Start with the centre of your lips first.


Faces Ultime Pro lipstick very berry lipswatch


Tada… we are done with a beautiful flawless makeup. Though makeup is not science with a perfect set of rules but it is always advisable to keep the above mentioned tips in mind to have that flawless face with makeup.

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