How To Get Flawless Tanned Skin


How To Get Flawless Tanned Skin

The spring summer season is in its full swing and everyone is longing for the sun kissed look by using various makeup products like bronzers, illuminators etc. So if you are someone who is not so acquainted with the basics of applying these Summer makeup essentials, you can still look out for the naturally sun kissed skin which is just so trending in the season!

Skin tanning is not always considered bad in the sense that it makes you look natural and makes the features appear sharper. Until you are using a good sun protection you can flaunt the sensuous tan anywhere you like.

Well, lets begin with the basics to keep in mind for a flawless tanned skin-

Exfoliation is a must

It is very important to get rid of the dead layer of cells to make it easy for you to get the perfect fake tan without much effort. In case you don’t start with extensive exfoliation, there are chances that you end up with an uneven bronzed look which certainly not looks so flattering.

What is exfoliation

Nourish the Skin

Always make sure that your skin is not patchy or rough. Exfoliation will take care of the skin by removing the dead layer of skin but you need to apply a good nourishing lotion to ensure that your skin is smooth and supple which makes it easy to show off the tan without any dry patches.

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Minimal Makeup

Always make sure that you apply which looks just natural to the already tanned skin as it is not much difficult to trace that you are adorning a makeup face or a natural glowy tanned skin. Use various homemade DIY to get rid of the natural sun tan so that you can easily use bronzers and illuminators for a more glowy look.

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Don’t forget the Night skincare

Make sure that you are not lazy in removing the makeup and all the dirt & grime which accumulates on the skin throughout the day as these impurities may restrict the skin’s natural replenishing power. After cleansing the skin with a gentle skin cleanser, apply ample amount of an intensive moisturizing cream at night so as to wake up to a healthy and nourished skin 🙂

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Don’t Forget Sun Protection

Make sure to go with your favorite choice of sunscreen lotion and protect the skin from the damaging effects of the sun rays like many sensitive skin may develop severe sun burns which are difficult to treat and may cause skin problems eventually. Natural sun tanning may leave your skin pigmented for quite sometime and it is not very easy to get rid of it, so the best option is to use certain makeup products which help you in giving the required radiance on the face without actually soaking in the sun.


I hope you liked these essential tips to get the flawless tanned skin in the coming season!

Have you tried these ways to get a flawless tanned skin?

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