How To Get Gel Nail Extensions At Home



How to Get Gel Nail Extensions At Home


We all love those perfectly manicured hands with those gorgeous looking nails. Acrylic and Gel nails are the best two picks when it comes to prepped nails by professionals, however gel nails are taking over acrylic nails these days.
Gel nails are natural-looking nail enhancements. They are thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing, nonporous, resist lifting, odorless.

Gel nails is the new cool thing and is even preferred over acrylic nails, Why?
That’s because Gel nails have a very natural look and at the same time they have the convenience and durability of acrylic nails.

You can get a full set of gel nails applied at a nail salon and alternatively you can get them at home, only if you have the time and access to supplies necessary for the gel nail procedure. Still not sure about how to get gel nail extensions at home!!!


gel nail extension


All you need to do is to just follow the below mentioned steps and get gel nail extensions at home, we shall be doing a French overlay gel extensions:

Things you will need:

  • A UV Gel Lamp to cure your nails
  • Non-Acetone Nail Varnish Remover
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Cuticle Remover
  • Nail Buffer
  • Lint free Paper wipes
  • Gel Wipe Off Solution
  • Clear Gel
  • Pink Gel
  • White Gel
  • Gel Brush
  • Nail Buffer
  • Nail Dehydration Solution (PH balanced)
  • Cotton Buds
  • Nail Files

Remove Old Nail Enamel

It is crucial to remove all traces of your old nail polish from your nails before we proceed with the gel nail extensions procedure. Sanitize your hands and nails.

Push Back The Cuticles

With the help of a cotton bud, pour in some drops of cuticle remover and wipe with a rolling action around the cuticle area. Repeat this for each nail. Now push back the cuticles with a cuticle pusher and cut away the excess cuticles with cuticle nipper.

Buff The Nails

After you have pushed back the cuticles, now you can start with buffing your nails. Buff your nails properly as this is going to remove moisture from your nails and enable the gel to cling.

Stick The Extension

Choose a plastic extension , white, colored or transparent as desired. Here I would suggest using a clear plastic extension. Now considering the size of your each nail stick the extensions with glue and now with a clipper cut the extensions in the desired shape and size and soften the ridges with a filer.

Prep Your Nails

Apply some PH Balanced nail dehydration solution on your nails. This ensures that your nails are sans moisture. Your nails are now ready for UV Gel application.

Apply The Clear Gel

Apply a small amount of clear gel onto the gel brush, wipe off the excess, now carefully the gel on your nail. Try to get as close as possible with the cuticle but do not stick to the cuticle and leave a little gap. Overdoing the gel on the cuticles will create a lift after the curing process. Just in case if you have dropped any gel on your skin around the nails, wipe it off with the gel wipe and start all over again on that nail. 1-2 minutes of curing period will be fine to cure the clear gel.

Paint The Smile Line

After the clear base coat/ gel is cured, apply the second coat of gel, this time use the white gel. With all care gently paint the white gel on the smile line of your nail. After you have applied the white gel now it is time to cure it. Cure the gel under the gel lamp for 3 minutes.

Paint Your Nails

Now apply the pink gel all over the nail, again leaving a negligible gap near the cuticles. Cure the gel for 3 minutes. The thicker the coat is, more is the time taken for curing.

Final Step

Now apply the final top coat and cure for 3 minutes. After it is cured, take a lint – free wipe and wipe it over the nail so that it removes the sticky layer.

All steps for achieving the French overlay gel extension will take around 40 – 45 minutes. But you are certainly going to adore the way your nails will look and all the time and money invested will certainly be paid off.

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