How To Get Glowing Skin In 10 Minutes


How To Get Glowing Skin In 10 Minutes


Everyone likes to have a fresh face without skin issues likes clogged pores. Black heads or pimples. Even if someone doesn’t have these skin issues, they tend to have a dull and lifeless skin which needs rejuvenation to look healthy and supple. Here I will be sharing few easy and quick tips so that one can easily attain glowing skin in a span of ten minutes!

Start By Exfoliation

Generally, skin tends to regenerate after a time leaving behind dead skin cells which need to be get rid of by following an exfoliation which can be done every alternate day or twice a week depending upon the type of skin one is having.


TNC Irish Moss Sugar Scrub swatch


Take an exfoliating product and rub gentle on the skin to ward of excess dust or grease which may attract dirt impurities to stick to the face. Doing this on alternate days will surely reveal a fresh skin.

Use A Toner-


Homemade rose water


Natural toning agents like rose water, cucumber juice are very effective and reduce the appearance of large open pores very easily. Toning also tends to remove whatever dirt is still left as a residue on the face after exfoliation.

Use Turmeric & Aloe Vera


turmeric for skin


This is an effective and tested way to ensure that you get a quick glow in the most natural way. I mix aloe vera extract with a pinch of turmeric powder and apply it on my face. After a while I was the layer off and I notice the short lived glow on my face. It is really effective when used daily.

Rub A Tomato Slice-


tomato for under eyes


When you really don’t have much time for an elaborate face pack application session, simply exfoliate the face and rub a slice of tomato on the face and let it stay for a few minutes while you decide on the accessories or the dress you want to wear. This really works well and reveals a great glow.

Rub an ice cube-

This is especially for the summer season and if you can stand then for the initial winter season too! Just take an ice cube and wrap it in a cotton cloth piece and gently rub in on the face. This will improve blood circulation and eventually a flush of blood will make your face appear fresh and naturally glowing.

Apply a Papaya piece

This is one of the best fruits for the body and the skin and the fact that it is used in many fruit facials as an ingredient. If you are hurrying up to get ready just take a piece of this fruit and rub it over the face properly and leave for like 5 minutes.


papaya skin care


Wash the face with normal water and you will feel the skin to be clearer and soft. Prolonged use of papaya also reduces the appearance of fine lines on the face.

Use Chilled Milk-

Another effective way to get a glow on the face is to apply chilled milk on the face with the help of a cotton bud. Milk also makes the skin soft and smoother with the added glow.

Jog or Exercise

Another way based on a personal experience is to do a quite session of jogging or exercising. It can be Yoga as well. The sweat produced after the session will naturally bring the much required glow on your face without using anything.

I hope you like these tips to get an instant glow on the face in a short time. However, I believe the glow can be maintained everyday just by following a proper cleansing and toning routine, exercising & drinking ample amount of water. The skin is well hydrated and so it will naturally impart a glow! 🙂

Have you tried these tips to get glowing skin in 10 minutes?

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