How To Get Glowing Skin With Makeup



How To Get Glowing Skin With Makeup

Glowing skin is every girl’s desire…. Why will it not be, after all glowing skin is significant to healthy skin and at the same time makes your skin gather many words of appreciation.

A proper beauty sleep, healthy diet and a good skincare regime are some very basic tips that need to be followed to achieve a healthy skin.

But what do we do when we need that goddess glowing skin quickly and do not have a good months time to see diet, sleep and routine results. Well in such a case a woman’s friend from years comes to rescue i.e., MAKEUP.

Makeup always does for our look what we want it to do. It can narrow a thick nose; give a sculpted face, as even toned skin etc. When it comes to a Glowing Skin look, some nice and handy makeup tips can help you achieve the look.

Follow the steps mentioned below and flaunt the glowing skin that you always wanted to show:

Prep Up With a Face Primer


clarins instant smooth primer


After you have done a proper CTM routine for your face. Prep your skin for makeup with a good face primer.

Primer moisturizes, creates a smooth surface, fills in the fine lines & creases, controls oil, makes your skin appear healthy and most importantly allows your makeup to stay intact for longer durations. It creates a smoother canvas for further steps in makeup.

Make it a point to invest in a good primer.

Hydrate With A Finishing Spray

This is an optional step, but if you have extremely drier skin than this is strongly recommended. Spray a face mist all over your face. This step will hydrate your skin and give a healthier look.

Conceal the Imperfections


Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Clearing Concealer


There might be certain redness spots, dark under eyes, pigmented spots that the foundation did not hide properly. To conceal them dab on some concealor on these imperfections.

Mix Foundation & Highlighter To Add Glow


highlighter face


Now for a smoother skin texture and even toned skin apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. For a glowing skin makeup mix some cream illuminator with your foundation and then apply it on your face. Illuminator does a lot in giving you a vibrant glow but try not to go overboard with it. You just want a glowing skin not a disco ball like face.

Powder Finish to Set


Physicians Formula Super BB Powder packaging


Since we are trying to get the dewy/glowing skin with makeup, we will set the foundation before we head towards highlighting and blush application.

 Set Your Glow

To set the glow, we need to highlight. Take a highlighter and apply it over the highest points of cheeks, brow bones, forehead, and bridge of nose, Cupid’s bow and chin. Try contouring but do not opt for very darker shades

Flush Some Color


MUFE blush cream blush HD Rosepink


So now add some flush of colors to your cheeks, I would suggest to opt for a cream based blush to add the glow and at the same time maintain the dewy effect.

Lips and Eyes


red lipsticks for indian winters fall (5)


You can add a good pop of color for a even more brightened effect and try keeping the eye makeup subtle.


Lorac Pro Eyeshadow EOTD
Alternatively you can simple chose a light shade of gloss for lips.

Set with a Finishing Mist

We are not going to use a translucent powder to set the look here, instead will choose a finishing mist/spray to set the makeup.

So here you have a nice Glowing Skin in little time.

Of course a good lifestyle adds a lot towards healthy and glowing skin, but when you do not have much of time to wait for weeks, try these makeup tricks.

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