How To Get Long Lasting Red Lips- Step By Step Tutorial+Video


How To Get Long Lasting Red Lips

Hey Everyone! Nailing the perfect red lipstick look is one of the best thing which can happen to any makeup lover. This quick, simple, and very effective beauty tutorial will give you all the skills you need to hone your lips to perfection, whether you’re prepping for a big fat wedding a fancy night on the town, or just looking to add more glamour to your lips.

Today, I am going to share with you all a quick and simple long wearing red lipstick tutorial,by which you’ll able to pull-off red lips with ease and grace and it’ll sure turn head ladies!

long wearing red lips tutorial

Things you’ll need-

  • Moisturizing lip balm
  • Some tissues (My must have :P)
  • Red lip liner pencil
  • Red liquid lipstick
  • Lip Contouring Brush/Lip brush
  • Concealer
  • Some Q-tips/ Concealer brush

Step 1-

omoefee lip lightening salve-lemon red lips tutorial

Prep and Prime your lips well with the help of moisturising lip balm. Here I am using Omorfee Lip lightening salve which works wonder when it comes to softening the lips.

Step 2-

lip balm application for red lips

Dab out Excess Lip balm with the help of tissue paper, It’ll make an ease to apply the product and now our base is ready!

Step 3-

lip definer for red lips tutorial

Draw your lips with the help of red lip definer. It is always better to start drawing lips from cupid bow to outer corners of your lips and then draw the lower lip. To get the perfect color,fill your lips with lip definer. Here I am using NYX Slim lip pencil hot red. You can use any other red lip liner of your choice.

cupid bow defining for red lips

Step 4-

lip filling with lip liner as base red lips

It’s time to enhance the lines of your lips by using lip contouring brush/lip liner brush. I have used one of the most raved drugstore liquid lipstick. Chambor transfer proof liquid lipstick 435.

lip color application red lip tutorial

Apply liquid lipstick with the help of a lip brush to get more defined edges and a dash of color to your lips.

lip contouring red lips tutorial

Step 5-

liquid red lipstick application

Apply liquid lipstick by using lipstick wand to get the full color on to your lips.

Step 6-

red lips concealer brightening

To brighten-up your hot red lips, apply concealer around the lips with the help of Q-tips or any concealer brush to get perfect looking red lips without any flaws:)

Step 7-

tissue paper using in red lipstick tutorial

Clear out any imperfections and excess product around your lips to get perfect finish

Step 8-

long wearing red lips tutorial

Ladies! Now you are all set to turn heads! yay to perfect and long staying red lips+ No touchups! 🙂



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