How To Get Metallic Finish On Lips


How To Get Metallic Finish On Lips

Hi lipstick fanatics!

How is everyone enjoying the gorgeous pitter patter happening almost everywhere? Monsoons to me, symbolize uniqueness and happy faces with a desire to do something new and creative. And what’s better way to showcase your uniqueness than to flaunt it all over your makeup!

Yes, by the notion of my introduction you guessed it right! Today’s post is about creative makeup! Something, which girls these days (including me) do not happen to wear so much the METALLIC LIP! I agree, matte is the go-to style these days, but experimentation is fun! And I have a few ways in which you can experiment with your lip makeup!

The Conventional Ways

Use A Metallic Finish Lipstick

Duh! I know this is the lamest thing ever to say in a post with the heading how to get a metallic finish on lips but yeah, that’s the simplest and the most sought after thing to do! Just take a metallic finish lippie and use it across your lips. But the catch here is to use it direct from the tube, but on freshly exfoliated and primed lips as metallic lippies at times have chunky glitters which need a smooth surface to stick on! Plus the priming part will make the glitters have something to hold on to, thus they will travel less and stay in place!

Try Bonjour paris Creme Lipstick in Metallic Wine

Layer it up with a Metallic Sheen Gloss

colorbar metallics lip gloss mauved

Agreed, not all of us want to purchase a metallic finish lipstick if we are not going to use it on a regular basis! The second easiest thing to go in this case is to buy a (even cheap ones will do) gloss which has a high metallic sheen to it. He glosses with chunky glitters and slight pigmentation work best for metallic lip looks. Look for coloured glosses though, and not the clear ones!

Try Colorbar Metallics Lip Gloss in Mauved

Try Metallic Liquid Lipsticks

occ lip tar manhunter lips

The newest, and perhaps the most classiest way to adorn the metallic lip look is to use a longlasting liquid lipsticks! The market is flooding with them these days, but try to find a metallic finish liquid lipstick such as the ones OCC makes! The glitters in liquid lipsticks are generally not so chunky, they do not travel across the face, will not smear, will stay for long and will subtly metallify your gorgeous pucker that too without enhancing the lip lines!

Try the OCC Lip Tar Metallic Manhunter

The Unconventional Way

The Metallic Shadow Effect:

Now comes the DIY metallic lip look which budget beauties like us crave for! No you need not necessarily spend your hard-earned bucks on some lipstick or gloss to experiment with your lips. All you need is your favourite lipstick (any shade), a complementary coloured metallic or frosted eye shadow, a concealer brush (or your fingers :P), a little patience and a lot of creativity!

All you need to do is fill in your exfoliated, primed, prepped and lined lips with the lipstick of your choice. Blot and reapply! Repeat this twice to intensify the colour on the lips and to make it last long. Now chose your pick of eye shadow but make sure it has a frosty or metallic finish to it! Pick an eye shadow in a colour either closest or in the same colour family to your lipstick.

You can also go for nudes such as frosty golds, vibrant silvers, warm champagnes and rose golds! They will work with almost all your lipsticks!

Using a clean concealer brush, pick up the shadow on your brush and press the loaded brush against your lips. Do not swipe the brush as it can disrupt the lipstick underneath; instead use press-and-pat motions to deposit the pigments on to your lips. Keep your application as precise as you can as it will decide the entire look of the lips. Once the whole lip is covered, slightly purse your lips together and make it all even.

Metallic Lips Tut

TIP- If there is any fallout from the shadows, use a concealer in the shade closest to your skin and clear up all the traces. This will serve dual purposes! First, it will clear up all the leftover shadow marks! And secondly, it will make the entire lip look more fresh and crisp!

Metallic Lips makeup

Which tips to achieve the Metallic Finish on your Lips did you like the most?

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