How To Get Perfect Indian Brows With A Gel Eyeliner (NYX Dark Brown Gel Eye Liner)


How To Get Perfect Indian Brows With A Gel Eyeliner (NYX Dark Brown Gel Eye Liner)

Hello ladies, We all know that how important are eye brows for a polished look. But filling in brows in the most perfect manner was not very easy for me till I tried a trick that I shall with you all.

Markets are flooded with brow pencils, brow powders, and brow gel & creams, but none of these gave me the perfect brows. Neither did they fill in brows as precisely nor did I find the perfect shade.

nyx gel eyeliner smudger dark brown

But this is all an old tale since finally I got hold of the perfect shade which compliments my eye brows without making them look insta brows, if you know what I mean- brows on insta look extremely fake and made up, I am not a fan of such fake looking brows. I do not support the idea of making brows look like a NIKE logo, the key is to just make brows look naturally darker & fuller, and nothing made up.

nyx gel eyeliner dark brown packaging

Fuller, deeper brows suits very well to Asians but choosing a black shade may make your brows look too black & stark. If you take note of bollywood celebrities look like Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Kajol, the first think that you will notice about them are there  fuller brows. They have these beautiful natural look brows which I absolutely love.

NYX Brown Gel Eyeliner

I on most occasions used only two shades to fill in my brows. Whenever I tried a brown shade it did not give me those darker bush brows & neither did it fill up the gap that beautifully and black shade was really very black for my brows and looks like I have used my eyeliner on my brows.

nyx gel eyeliner & smudger

So in an urge to get perfect groomed bows I tried out the NYX gel eyeliner in shade Dark Brown and Whoaaa. It has the perfect darkish brownish black shade which looks really natural and on top of that it gives me added advantage of smudge proof finish as it does not buzz and stay put whole day as it is.

How To Get Perfect Indian Brows With A Gel Eyeliner (NYX Dark Brown Gel Eye Liner)

I never thought that out of all the hit and trials, I was going to get my perfect brow filler in a gel liner. You can clearly see the difference in the picture itself as the wonders of this gel eye liner in my brows is pretty evident.

It fills in gap beautifully without making eyebrows look fake and unlike other shades of brown it even fills the bigger gaps without making them look fake. Earlier when I used to fill a bigger gap then brown shade was very much visible but this is not the case with this one.

Groomed Brows with NYX Dark Brown Gel Eye Liner

Gel Eyeliner for Brows

For girls just might think that using a gel eye liner in brows might be a little inconvenient, then let me tell you, it is pretty easy. All you need is the right brush and this beautiful natural looking shade. Always ensure not to use too much of the product because no matter how right a product is, going overboard with it will always spoil the look.

nyx gel eyeliner & smudger dark brown swatch

So, now you girls know that how you can fill in your brows using the NYX Gel Eye Liner In shade Dark Brown. This shade is an ideal bet for Indian skin tones. And Yes! All this does not snatch away its properties of being a great. It works fabulously well as an eyeliner and is great to create smoky eyes. You can read the review of this liner here to know more about this gel eye liner. I hope you like my new found trick and love using it.

Will love to see how it looks on your guys.

Do try it and share your pictures with us.

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  1. Yes! It works for me beautifully.. Goes well on our Indian skin tone beautifully.. Try it out of you get a chance.


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