How To Get Perfect Matte Lips


Recently I got to know a very easy way to turn all your glossy bright lipsticks into matte ones from Pinterest . This tip is fantastic for those on whom matte lipstick doesn’t suit or makes their lips super dry. Also, by following this tip your lipstick is going to stay on your lips for long hours.Fab..isn’t?

Products required:-

1)Any of you favourite lipstick.I am using MAC Lipcolour strut your stuff 

2) Same colour blush /eyeshadow of your choice..You can use blush or eyeshadow both are lip safe.

Steps are really simple

1) Apply the lip colour all over your lips.- I first exfoliate my lips followed by a lip liner and then the lip colour.

How to turn any lipstick matte

  • Step2 –  Take some eyeshadow on the tip of your finger.

Perfect matte lipstick

  • Step3 – Apply all over your lips.Picture reminds me of  Lush lip scrub.

Perfect matte lipstick

  • Step4 – With the help of a lip bush mix both the eyeshadow/blush 

How to apply red lipstick

  • Step5 – Tada!  Here  are your matte lips which are going to stay long 🙂

Perfect red matte lip shade

It’s a simple tip but can be very handy 🙂

Hope you had fun 🙂

and those who would like to save the picture tutorial can make use of the picture below:-

How to turn any lipstick matte

Don’t forget to give your tips to get those perfect matte lips without drying the lips 🙂

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  1. Wow! Nice tip Ana. In college we used to apply the lippy of our choice and dab talcum powder on it for the matte effect making sure we get rid of the extra talc. That was a time when we did not know the existence of matte lippies and made our own super matte lippies 🙂

  2. This is a damn interesting tip! I usually blot down the lippie with a tissue. I knew of a girl qho wiuld use a matte light briwn eyeshadow to cover up some white spots

  3. Hi anamika I am Deepashree from Australia . Love your posts! What I do is I apply lipstick the same way as you do and then take a lip brush wih son transparent powder( mac prep n prime) and Sab on the lips and just spread it…. Tadaaaa it works the same way. At least for me

  4. Nice idea…an tell me how t turn matte to glossy without an actuall gloss na…m not a gloss gal n can’t use matte 🙁

  5. Vaseline !or since u r allergic ultrabalm over and below the lipstick.. It wont last very long but u will get the fee t u want

  6. iam new to wise she, I have been reading all reviews since couple of weeks, todays date I love reading all ur comments reviews diy’s thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us, is der any way I can read all ur reviews and other things u hve posted here n one page so tat I don’t have to search for ur stuff. waiting for ur reply


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