How To Get Perfect Skin


How To Get Perfect Skin

Hello all my gorgeous readers!

Ok, first of all let me make this stark clear, we at wiseshe do not endorse neglecting skin care, but we are practical, no one has the time to incorporate hours and hours of me-time for indulging in skin care.

I totally get it, you are a new-mom, or a hardworking employee who has to work insane hours and obsessing over strict skin care regimens is not always a practical idea.


So we bring to you some of the most realist and cost-efficient ways to achieve glowing, healthy and smooth skins which even the busiest of the women can put into action.

Eat clean

This does not apply to just your fit body, but your overall appearance. Basically your skin is a reflection of what is happening inside the body. If you eat clean, your skin will be the happiest person in the world, pun intended. But if your eating habits are inclined towards more of junk food and less of fresh produce, the first thing which would cry mercy is your skin. Incorporate lots of bright red, green and orange colored fruits and vegetables; load up on anti-oxidant rich fruits, salads, whole grains and healthy fats. I repeat, hog up on fruits and veggies rich in anti-oxidants; all the women with brilliant skin do.

Clean up your makeup stash

expired makeup products

The worst thing you can put up on your skin are the ones which have exceeded their expiry dates. I know having a ton of products in your stash can be a bit overwhelming, not to forget confusing as well. If you see any product having crossed its shelf-life, toss it out. Secondly, if you own any cream or moisturizer where the product has separated from its water content and the water rests above the actual product, throw it away; it is a sure shot sign of the product having contaminated.

Obsess on sun-protection

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Ever glanced a woman with utterly flawless skin and wondered where here wrinkles were, seriously? One thing these women with gorgeous skin cannot stress upon enough is their obsession with sun protection. Be it any time, any year of the day, one thing which is most important is staying protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Slather up on SPF, as often as you can; and no, your bb cream and foundations with SPF 15+ do not count.

Maintain a simple but regular morning routine

As aforementioned, we are totally against neglecting our skins; that being said we do believe that beautiful skin is something we have to work for (no one said working HARD). Keep a steady skin regimen which is easy to follow, consumes little time and follow it religiously. I personally abide by the cleansing, followed by toning (with a non-alcoholic toner), moisturizing and applying sunscreen each morning. Try it! Its simple and works well too.

Maintain a simpler nightly routine

vichy night cream texture

We know, and we understand; after hours of meticulous work at the office, running from one lecture to another, completing presentations and running after the baby does not leave you with the energy, or in my case will power to get up and do something for your skin. Don’t worry, you are not alone in this, we all plead guilty here. The simplest thin you can do at night is cleanse your skin with a mild cleanser and follow up with an over-the-counter retinoid cream or a vitamin-c repairing serum. Both of these works equally well in replenishing the skin overnight. And for the lazy bums, just keep a stack of cleansing wipes near your bed stand, and use it to remove all your makeup before sleeping; trust me it is necessary to do so.

Lower your sodium intake

We’ve all heard about how cutting up on your salt intake can do miracles for your skin and body, but what is the reason behind it? It is no hi-tech science, it is just that the sodium content in salt sucks up the water from our organs, and in turn the parched up organs dehydrate our skin to replenish their water content. Result? Dehydrated looking sallow, dry, cracked and blemished skin. More the salt, more the dehydration so just keep the salt cellar and opt for natural herbs to make your meals flavorsome.

Increase your protein intake


Whoever said that proteins are the building blocks of life was a genius. Dieticians suggest increasing your protein intake level to be 40% of the total meal you consume, to get healthier skin. Proteins contain amino acids which when mixed with the blood stream have the potential to stimulate collagen and elastin production. And we all know more collagen, more youthful, healthy looking skin. Sop hog up on those eggs, beans, lean meats, nuts and chicken, you love so much! I mean, I do!

Cut away aerated drinks and do your squats

Exercise is not just meant to keep you fit, it pumps up the blood circulation in our bodies, and our body is our temple right? Happy body=happy skin. Period. Exercise amps up the blood circulation as well as releases feel good hormones (yes, it does), and what more can our skin ask for than a body which feels good about itself? Cut away your take-out meals and stop guzzling on your favorite aerated drinks (carbonated drinks just help you feel bloated, toss them aside). A little indulgence here and there though, (think about the bar of dark chocolate you were craving last night) never hurts. As I said, a body devoid of all that junk food (read TRASH) is a happy body, and it would reflect on the skin.

A good skin is not something which we have to be blessed with, but that does not mean it has to keep us away from gorgeous skin. All it takes is some persistence, regularity and a little hard work; and you are all good to go. 🙂

Let me know what works for you!

Do you have more tips to share?

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