How to get plump lips with make up

Plump lips makes you look younger and thin lips reduces down the face beauty.As one grows old their lips start thinning down due to various factor.Celebrities like Kangana ranaut and cosmetic surgery queen Rakhi sawant too have got their lips plump. But instead of relying on injection which are expensive, risky and temporary short lived fixes why not learn the art of it.

1. First brush your lips gently with the help of a tooth brush. Get into this habit of doing it every day .This will remove dead layer of the skin. You can use kids brushes too to exfoliate your lips. Lip scrubs are available in the market as well. You can use that too if this method is not your preference.

2. Keep your lips dry and always carry a lip balm with you .Lip balm save your skin from harmful effect of sun and maintain their moisture and color too.

3. Apply concealer or a cosmetic powder before applying lipstick. This makes the lipstick stay for long.

3. You can make your lips look plum with the help of lipstick and glosses. Use creamy texture lipstick which gives layers to the lips. You can use chamber, Estee Lauder lipstic and Marry kay lipstick too. Use 2 coats of lipstick and lip gloss to give extra layer. For this apply lipstick and then dab your lips with a tissue paper .Apply lipstick again.

5. Apply lip gloss at the center of the bottom lip. This will draw attention to the fullest part of your lip

6. To give luster look apply lip gloss.

7. If you want to apply shimmer highlighter on your lips then apply it on the outer corner of your lips with the help of your finger tip.

8 If you have whitish tone use medium tones like pink, beige, pale peach and orange.

9. If you have dark hair and complexion then use deep tones such as maroon, dark chocolate, wine and ruby color.

10. For olive tone skin use violet and pale lavender. They look best on this kind of skin tone.

This summer nude lips are not that much into fashion and people prefer fleshy red, cherry red and blood red. But red is a color which needs to be carefully picked .Choose the color which suits you best.


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