How To Get Rid Of A Nail-Biting Habit: Suggestions


Anandi asks,

I bite my nails without even realizing and it has become a big problem. Not only do my nails look terrible because of this, but sometimes it becomes an embarrassing situation too. Could you ladies help me out in getting rid of the problem. Thank you.


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  1. ask ur parents/sibling to apply neem oil / clove oil to ur nails when u r not noticing. These oils are extremely bitter to taste. So u will not go near ur nail. do it for abt 1-2 months, adn u’ll be out of ur habit.

    u can try applying a nail varnish also, these also taste bad adn can get u rid of ur habit !!

  2. I wud suggest u to rub in some bitter oil to ur nails or apply an extreme bright/dark coloured polish..and convince ur mind to think that it is not good to eat everytime u see the bright/dark polish u will remember to not eat that 😉

  3. well in my case whn i just enter to my college after school and saw so many gals with beautiful long nails.. it made me jealous 😛 and thn whnever i tk nails close to my mouth it reminded me of their beautiful nails and in some time i overcome my bad habit.

    • true dimpal, when i was in my 10th standard, I saw my teacher had very beautiful nails, they were not too long even, but they all were same size, which unfortunately i never had 😛 that made me lil jealous and from tat time when ever i thought of biting nails she came to my mind :laugh:

  4. Apply pretty nail paints…ur fave colors..and whenever it chips keep reapplying…keep looking at hw pretty the nails look when its.painted…nw imagine hw much more better it will look if u grow ur nails..i did this n it worked…

  5. Keep your nails disgstingly ownt feel like chewing them 😀 Sorry Anandi i dont know any tricks of this…mmm…maybe painting them with a good bright colour will wake you up when you get it clour to your mouth..just guessing..

  6. I had nail biting habbit for more than 20 years, I tried to quit so many times, by using all methods but I could never manage. Two years back I got false nails done for myself and kept them on for 1.5 months, this changed my life forever, since I did not get to bite my nails 🙂

  7. please help my nails are gd naturally touchwood bit but my thumb nail is distorted there are some prdcts tht claim they make nails smooth n even my thumb nail surface needs tht pls suggest some economic prdct thnk u


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