How to get rid of Dark Circles – Suggestions


Shraddha asks

I have recently noticed dark circles and they are really bothering me. Is there any eye cream or home remedy which has ever worked on your dark circles? Is it true that dark circles are genetic and can not be cured? I really need something to get rid of my dark circles.  Thank you.


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  1. i am using oriflame’s seeing is believing and its working for me, (slow). Massaging under eye with oil (almond, coconut, caster, or peanut-any u like) also helps.

  2. Hey likewise can you guts suggest a good eye cream for dry skin .. I don have dark circles but I feel my eyes burn sometimes due to prolonged computer usage :-((

  3. If you’ve had under eye circles eversince you were growing up, I’m sorry but they are difficult to get rid off now. Though occassional ones like how I get at times, can be treated with good sleep, lots of fruits and water and avoiding too much use of laptop and TV, they totally kill the eyes. Also, u can apply tea bags, they relax the eyes instantly. Try EVERYTHING together then only it will work. I happen to remove mine within 2 days.It works. 🙂

  4. potato juice works good for me
    but you have to apply it daily
    i m following this from 4 months
    my dark circles are reduced now

  5. Wn u wake, lie on ur back on bed with ur head hanging freely from the bed. Start from 2 mins and then exceed to 5 mins. It helps a lot!

  6. I have big dark circles around my eyes since i was a child.. and i know Its impossible to get rid of them :-C. You know it kills my confidence whenever I am out with my frnds especially when its a very hot day..they tend to become darker and deeper giving me a pathetic look as if i just walked out of a hospital after been sick for days!! I have big eyes but these dark circles have always killed their beauty making them appear tired and lifeless!!Helpsomone!:’-(


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