How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots And Brighten Your Skin Up With Olay White Radiance Range


How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots With Olay White Radiance Range

Hi Everyone! In response to various queries related to find a spotless skin, I found that it was by now necessary to do a post on how I maintain my skin through my regimen of skin care. I am sharing How To Get Rid Of Dark Spots With Olay White Radiance Range today. Hope this will help you all.

olay whire radiance day moisturizer and serum

I begin my day with this Olay White Advance advance whitening cleanser. It has a gentle foaming formula. It does not feel dry rather gives a radiant feel to your skin, It does not over dry your skin. I sometimes, also use this as a direct face wash as well. It helps to remove dirt and makeup easily. It instantly illuminates skin and you can feel the difference. Its foaming formula lathers well and helps you look good in a renewed skin. You actually feel freshened up and your skin is radiant enough to make you love it for a daily use.

After face wash it’s time for exfoliation of my skin. I use oats and orange juice to exfoliate my skin. You can use any oat brand, I chose Patanjali here as I did not feel like eating these so thought to use it for my skin care regime :D.

olay white radiance day cream

For Scrubbing

I take two teaspoons of Patanjali oats and squeeze half fresh orange juice on it. Orange is very good to cure acne and helps to exfoliate the skin. Oats are anyways known to be a good scrubbing agent. I use it all over my face but specifically use it on my forehead, nose and chin areas which are usually sun-sensitive. But I do apply it all over rubbing it all over and scrubbing. Orange is good for anti-ageing. I usually scrub 3-4 times a week which helps me make my skin cells renewed every time.

After exfoliation, I use the Olay White Radiance brightening enhancing Serum. This serum is very good which helps to make the skin retain all the moisture and keep it safe from all the dirt and dust around. Post this, it is the time to use the Olay white radiance brightening skin moisturizer. I sometimes use BB cream and CC cream and this moisturizer is actually good for Indian skin tones. It makes your skin appear really radiant and bright. It provides balanced moisturizing levels to skin.

olay white radiance skin care night cream

All this skin care takes a whole of It takes whole of 10-15 minutes. See it’s this easy for all you need to do during the day time. Now let’s see what we can do during the night time.

Night Care

During the night time, I make a face pack for my skin. I powder a few almonds and mix it with rose powder. I usually keep the almonds crushed and stored in a container and use it as an instant face pack every night. You can also use fresh petals of rose as well but I use the rose powder which is easy and convenient. You can mix them all two with milk and apply on your skin. It helps to remove the dark spots very easily.  Let the pack dry on your face for 5-10 minutes. After washing over the pack, I again use the serum which helps me a lot keeping my skin penetrate to health during the time I sleep.

After this pack, I use the Olay white radiance brightening night essence moisturizer as my night cream that keeps my skin moisturized.

I hope you find this post useful as I personally have found these products quite beneficial and have seen great improvements in my skin.

Do check out the video for more details 🙂




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