How To Get Rid Of Dry Scalp


How To Get Rid Of Dry Scalp

Dry scalp is very irritating and I just cannot stand the bout of dryness or that flaky feeling on my head. It is definitely not a good sign. People with such dry scalp only can beg for miracle or mercy from the creator at most times. Temporary relief like shampooing, wetting your hair does not help always. One needs to be finding some permanent solution which lies in controlling the dryness of hair and scalp. The possible reasons one could find lie in things like excessive heat treatment, hair drying, excessive shampooing etc. There could be other serious reasons behind it as well like excessive stress, lack of sleep, no proper diet etc. which could also play their respective roles apart from environmental damages.

So, what can be done to control this? What could be the plausible solutions to get a permanent relief? Well, do not worry there are a lot of homemade options available at our access which we can incorporate and improve our hair and scalp for a better life. Let me share a few with you and in turn maybe you could also share a few if you are aware. Let’s help keep each other healthy and smiling always.

Hot Oil Massage

This is a sure shot way to take care of a dry scalp. It is known to us since ages as this is something our grandparents and parents have been recommending to us. Hot oil is one of the best ways to restore and save moisture in your hair for long. Always heat the oil in microwave and apply it on your hair by making sections of your hair. You could also use cotton swab to apply the same, as it ensures the oil reaches your scalp properly. Keep massaging your hair and keep the oil for 15-30 minutes before you could wash your hair.

hot oil massage benefits

Honey and Olive Oil

Honey is a revitalizer and it actually imparts moisture to your hair and scalp. For this you need to mix ½ cup of olive oil to 2 teaspoon of honey. Apply this on your hair and let it be for 10 minutes. Post this, rinse your hair. You could also use a hot towel for some time that would further help to lock the moisture on your scalp. However, do not put it for too much time as it might also dry your scalp.

honey and olive oil hair mask


Applying mayonnaise helps retain moisture fir your hair. Mayonnaise contains egg and vinegar which are both good for hair and scalp. So using it directly and letting it sit on the hair for 20 minutes helps a lot!

mayonnaise and egg for hair

Diet Plan Change

Another way to fight dry scalp is to change your diet effectively. Once you do it, you are actually on the verge of changing a lot for your hair. You should include lots of vitamins B and C in your diet which would ensure your hair as well as body maintain good health and are free from infections. You should also include leafy vegetables in your diet along with fruits and grains. Excessive intake of caffeine should be avoided for better health of hair.

diet plan for healthy hair

Change your Shampoo

Always check the shampoo you buy and try and use a mild shampoo you buy and try and use a mild shampoo. If you want to improve

on your hair, try and use a sulfate-free shampoo. You may use one with tea tree oil or which is free from chemical.

shampoo for healthy hair

I hope these remedies help!

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