How To Get Rid Of Tan After A Beach Vacation


How to get rid of tan after a beach vaccation:


Getting tanned on a beach vacation is a sure shot thing. Though people in western countries sleep and eat under the sun to get that sun kissed glow, we Indians hate it to the core (though we love bronzer!) Though we use a lot of sunscreen, it is practically impossible to get rid of tan under the sun. But does that mean end of travelling and beaches? Surely not! If there is tan, there are anti-tan scrubs and anti-tan packs also that help us in getting rid of tan. If you one who is going to vacation, go on girl and if you are one, who just came back with loads of tanning, then come and enjoy the post. It is specially curated for you. Below are some products that help us getting rid of tan – easily and effectively after a mind-blowing beach holiday.

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  • Lotus anti-tan face pack

lotus anti tan face pack

Price: 275 INR for 100 gms

Lotus herbals is a well known brand, most popular for their sunscreen range. They have a variety of other products as well including this Lotus anti-tan sunscreen. Enriched with Liquorice, Dandelion and carrot extract, this pack effectively reduces tan. Use twice a week for maximum protection from tanning.

lotus anti tan scrub

Price:  275 INR for 100 gms

This anti-tan scrub from Lotus is enriched with Strawberry seeds, walnut and turmeric for that anti-tan effect on the skin. This cleans tan effectively making skin look bright and beautiful.

  • VLCC clear tan fruit face pack

vlcc anti tan pack

Price: 225 INR  for 100 gms

This anti-tan pack from VLCC removes tan effectively with all the goodness of turmeric and cucumber. It improves complexion and makes skin radiant and soft.

biotique anti tan scrub


Price: 199 INR for 75 gms


Biotique anti-tan scrub is enriched with papaya extracts that effectively clean tan and prevent it from coming back. It is one of those herbal, preservative free anti-tan scrubs that is suitable for all skin types.


biotique face pack

Price: 199 INR for 75 gms


This face pack from Biotique is full of natural ingredients. Enriched with papaya, lemon, pineapple and tomato to help you get rid of tan and pigmentation easily and naturally.



  • Keya Seth Oxy De Tan Pack

keya seth-detan pack

Price:  250 INR


This brand is gaining its popularity day by day with all its good aromatherapy products. Keya Seth Oxy De-tan pack help to get rid of tan effectively without any bleaching agents.

  • Lacto tan clear

lacto tan clear

  • Price: 145 INR for 100 gms

This face pack is rich in milk and vitamin e that clears the epidermal tanning present and thereby helps in restoring the original complexion of the skin. It is a natural and effective way to get rid of that sun kissed glow.

organic harvest anti tan mask


Price: 415 INR for 50 gms


This anti-tan mask from the natural and organic brand Organic Harvest is infused with sea weed jelly that helps to get rid of tan very easily and naturally. Even this pack is recommended for someone with sensitive skin. This pack has no harmful chemicals and does no harm to the skin.



  • Forest essentials narangi and nagkesar

forest essentials nagangi and nagkesar

Price: 775 INR for 60 gms


Both Narangi and Nagkesar are effective ingredients in skin whitening and brightening. It helps to get rid of tan easily and makes skin free from pigmentation. Coming from a luxurious ayurvedic brand, Forest Essentials, this ubtan clears out skin leaving it supple and even-toned.


  • Vlcc anti tan facial

vlcc anti tan facial kit


Price: 250 INR

VlCC anti-tan facial is for those who want to have a home made tan removal facial session. Why go out and waste a lot of money when you can remove tan so easily at home? This facial kit comes with 5 step facial process that clears out tan fro the very first use. Regular use of this anti-tan facial kit, once a month can make skin less prone to tanning and even gives skin an even tone which is always desirable.

And this is the end of the list. There are a number of products that claim to be anti-tanning, but only a few of them do that in reality. These products work as claimed without any side-effects. Natural and herbal components present in them make sure not to harm the delicate skin and still prevent tanning all year round. So don’t get your energies low when you think about beaches and sun. Think about the waves and let these products take care of your tanning!



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