How to get rid of toenail fungal infection

Every season has its own advantage and disadvantages and so does rainy season. We all love rains but in this season the most common thing which is suffered by women is toenail fungal infection. The common solution adapted by most of the women is to clean their feet frequently. One of my friends became so finicky about this that she started taking foot spa every week.But if you ask  me there is no need to waste your time and money by visiting the parlors. You just need few minutes in front of your television and you can easily get rid of the infection.
Below are easy step by step processes by which you can easily get rid of this infection.
Step1-Take a bucket or small round tub and fill it with warm water. Now add few drop of shampoo and dettol(you can add any antiseptic solution) in it. Now soak your feet’s in the water for about 10 minutes. When you soak your feet in the warm water it softens the dirt which is lying in the grooves of the nails.
Step2-Take a nail brush (you can use an old tooth brush too if you don’t have a nail brush) and clean your toe nails with it.
Step3-Use a foot scrubber and remove all the dead skin from the heels and sole of the feet by rubbing it .Do not be harsh with the scrubber otherwise you may land up hurting yourself.
Step4-It is always better to chop of your nails during monsoon because long nails are breeding ground of dirt and bacteria.
Step5-In the end pat dry your feets with a towel and apply a generous amount of moisturizer on them. Massage it for five ten minutes to increase blood circulation.If you do this twice a week you will not suffer from tow nail infection at  during the rainy season.If the problem still persist then immediately consult a doctor.

If you really like to pamper your feet then click here for the paraffin wax pedicure method.
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  1. Hi AnamikaI'm visiting your site just today and it looks great. Will this procedure also help remove dry feet ? As in my feet look very dry and I hate to wear sandals or any other footwear that do not cover a substantial part of my foot.Thanks

  2. Welcome to my blog Kashya..If you have dry feet then I will suggest you follow the paraffin wax pedicure it will keep them moisturized all the time..the link of the paraffin wax pedicure is in the post itself..Any problem then do ask me…also leep your feets moisturized all the time .Thanks and regardsAnamika

  3. Sorry Jomol I got no idea about it…If I get to know about it from any one then will surely let you know.Thanks for passing byHave a great day ahead.:)


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