How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Wrinkles


Arsila asks,

I am writing for the first time, have been only reading till now….
I desperately need urs and everybody’s help to tell me the best way to actually get rid of pigmentation and under eye wrinkles. M jus 25 and I dono y I am I getting them……plz help me out I’ll be greatful….
Thanks a ton…..☺


how to get rid of under eye wrinkles



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  1. Massaging by cold compressed Castor oil regularly will give good Results…
    Castor oil is good for get rid of wrinkles in natural way….
    with this use a good wrinkle care under eye cream like Aroma magic.
    Also sleep enough, drink lot of water, don’t rub your eyes harshly as it leads to wrinkles quickly,
    and never let your eye counter area dry….keep it moisturised well….
    Take care…

    • thanks for your tips radha 🙂 but i’ve heard that area is very sensitive and the skin is very delicate, and not meant to use heavy products or anything for a long time period, like over night or something through out the day as it leads the skin to sag, is that true?? because i used to use eye creams all the time, over night and through out the day as well 😯

  2. Yes Sale I forgot to mention it there that our Eye counter area is soooooooo delicate :-((
    So, we have to be very soft while handling the area dear :-))
    While massaging or applying cream we have to be very soft and use the ring finger…
    After 10 to 15 minutes remove the residue from the eyes by a wet cotton softly… :lashes:
    If you feel your eyes got tired and feel to rub…soak cotton in cool rosewater and place it on your eyes… :cute:
    Saggy skin and bags under eyes problems will be cured by Potato juice….in the same way of rose water application…. 😎
    It will brighten your eyes too
    All I can say all Home remedies wil take time to see the results…have to be patience…. :fingersxd:

  3. Use steralized cotton balls like dat of BARE ESSENTIALS or THE BODY SHOP COTTON PADS for removing makeup under eyes.. many ignore dis.. Khurdari cotton is not meant for our facial skin.. u’ll feel d dfrnce on ur skn frm d very 1st use

    and u toh are 25! Girls as young as 18 wid eye wrinkles r vry common now a days.. So chill.. u can always get surgery done in major case which i pray doesn’t hpns! 😛

    n instead of using eye creams, try using eye serums.. coz eye creams r meant to be removed after 10 mins of applying dm otherwise it results in puffy eyes.. dis is my personal experience too..

    Lastly, two small things which helps a lot.. When u wake up in mrng, lie straight on ur back on bed with ur head hanging freely frm the bed for 2-3 mins.. dis helps a lot!!

    n lastly, PLEASE try sleeping by max. 11 n wake up max by 6. My skin glows, acne vanishes, under eye area becomes bright evry time i do dis.. 🙂


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