How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair From My Chin & Throat


Sampoorna asks,

I have good patch of hair on my chin and throat and it makes me feel like a man  and so gross.Is there any one else who is facing the same problem ? Is there any way of getting rid of it ?


how to get rid of facial hair


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  1. Hey Sampoorna.. I fyou are looking for permanenet solution consult a dermatologists for laser treatment.
    It is quite an expensive treatment but if gets suceessful you can say bye bye to those unwanted hair forever.
    For temporay solution, you can go for waxing, threading ot keep the ready to wax stripes with you. I use Hip-Hop stripes for removing chin hair.

  2. My cousin got a laser treatment done for the same issue some 4yrs back.
    Even now when she has to attend a marriage or a big sort of function she has to visit the clinic for touch ups.. She spent a big amount during the treatment and now also she has to pay for every sitting.
    So it is not at all permanent.

  3. I have heard of hair retarder (vedic line) but dont know how good it is to use that product for hair removal. ANAMIKA why dont you review this product for us. Iam waiting to hear something on this from you…..


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