How To Get Rid Of Water Retention & Its Side Effects


How To Get Rid Of Water Retention & Its Side Effects

Water Retention, as it clearly implies is mainly when the body retains water due to lack of enough hydration. Water retention mainly makes you feel a little drowsy and restless. It tends to instantly show up on the body through bloating, puffiness or swelling. Water retention is a very common health concern and it can be caused by diet habits or due to menstruation! So, here are few ways to get rid of water retention and its side effects.

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Symptoms Of Water Retention

We often experience this problem and sometimes it is not due to our fault but the type of lifestyle we lead.

Like if you travel too much through air, the cabin pressure tends to direct your body to hold water for a long time causing water retention!

Similarly, if you live a sedentary lifestyle, the gravity tends to keep the water in your lower extremities of the body. So unless you move around at regular intervals, your body is prone to retain water which causes water retention.

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Also many people who have a weak heart and it is not able to pump out enough blood which can cause the body to retain water!

What Causes Water Retention?

It also happens with many women while menstruating. Their hormone levels change during the course of their menstrual cycle and that cause the water retention. Also sometimes i water retention leads to cause the period to delay/ prolong unless the body’s water retention capacity is normalized!

Although water retention is a normal concern and doe not have any serious side effects but if you experience frequent water retention problem, then you must see an expert for that because it might be related to your kidneys!

Well, here we are going to known how to get rid of water retention with lifestyle alterations and also to minus out the side effects caused due to the water retention in the body!

Eat Less Salt

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Excess Sodium in the body causes water retention. Limit your salt intake for a healthy hydration level in the body!

Increase intake of Potassium & Magnesium

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Eating leafy vegetables, avocado, tomatoes, banana, sweet potatoes etc. will help in getting rid of water retention by balancing sodium levels in the body!

Be physically Active

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Make sure to move regularly in office or at home! If you can devote sometime to walking do that daily! Elevate your feet to move the fluid inside your body away from the lower extremities!

Avoid Carbs

avoid carbs

Carbs can cause your blood insulin level to go up and it causes the body to retain sodium levels through re-absorption from the kidneys. You should make sure you do not go overboard with processed sugar, white flour.  These foods result in an instant water retention in the body and cause plumping/ swelling of the body parts!

Drink Enough Water

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Drinking water regularly will keep the body hydrated and there are lesser chances of water retention! Even while air travel make sure to sip water at regular intervals. It saves your body from swelling in case of long haul flights!

Drink Cranberry Juice

cranberry juice

Intake of cranberry juice has been known to relieve water retention as it is a great diuretic for the body!


lemon juice

Eat a lemon daily or drink lemon juice with warm water & honey! It flushes the toxins & fluid waste from the body quickly!

Water retention generally results in your clothes feeling tighter, as if you have put on some weight (which is actually water weight) & you experience swelling in certain body parts which tend to normalize when the sodium level in the body retains an optimum level!


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