How to get rid of stinking problem in bathroom and keep it hygienic.

One of my friends Pooja often complains that her bathroom is stinking all the time no matter how much she cleans it. The smell makes her feel bad and is quite embarrassing if some guests use it. She’s tried the regular options available in the market from liquid soap to antiseptic liquid and even phenyl, however, the smell doesn’t go away. Here are a few tips to keep your washroom clean and avoid such problems

To remove the stench
If you have not been able to remove the smell from your washroom, check for clogging in the drains and washbasin pipes. For de-clogging, a home-made procedure is to pour boiling water into the drains followed by a cup of vinegar. You can also use commercial de-cloggers like drainex etc. Don’t use the washroom for next couple of hours. This activity is best done at night. If the stink still persists, you should call your plumber to check all the drainage leading upto the sewage point.
Daily bathroom cleaning tips:
  1. Clean the washbasin and countertop with reliable cleaning liquid soaps.
  2. You can use a squeegee to get rid of the excess water from the floors.
  3. Use a good toilet cleaner (domex/harpic etc) with disinfectant, to clean the toilet bowl
  4. Pick a perfumed toilet cleaner and avoid using phenyl as it has a strong smell.
  5. For cleaning the mirror, use a soft cloth to remove the water marks.
  6. All the sanitary fittings should be first wiped with a wet cloth and then dried off with a fresh cloth.
  7. Cross-ventilation is an absolute must in a healthy washroom. Turn on the exhaust fan every time after you use the bathroom and leave the floor dry.
  8. Don’t allow dampness to creep in and never leave wet towels/bathrugs in the bathroom.
  9. For keeping good smell, use a good commercial bathroom freshener. You can also place potpourri in a bowl for the same.

Also, make sure you follow a deep-clean routine every 7 days:
  1. Ask your help to scrub floors, wall tiles, tub and shower stall.
  2. For cleaning any mold or fungus growing in the corners and tile grouting, an old toothbrush can be used effectively.
  3. If you’re using a shower curtain, clean it by dipping the curtain end in half a bucket of water with soap suds for some time. Clean it with a brush, wash and then spread out the curtains for dripping and air circulation.
  4. Many women use a commercial glass cleaner directly on the mirror. However, the correct way is to spray it on a cloth first and then swab the glass using it. After this, wipe it off with a newspaper to get excellent finishing.

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