How To Get Sexy Plump Lips Fast – Tutorial


Have I ever told you my first experience at Sephora was a very bad one and I walked out of the store very upset and angry? My first visit Sephora was at Singapore a few years ago. I was all excited about it. I straight hit the Burt’s Bee counter and picked a lip plumper. I was then approached by a sweet Singaporean who told me in her chinki accent “This is our best selling lip plumper, la. You want to try, la? I had to give in close attention to understand what she said. She did warn me “You get little tingling on lips, la. Your lips go…PLUMPYY PLUMPYY!! I was happy thinking I got the formula to Angelina’s bee stung lips. I happily applied it all over my lip and waited for it to work on me while I was hovering in the store with wide eyes in astonishment. About 4-5 mins later I got this prickling pain on my lips almost like being bit by 100 ants. After about 10-12 mins it got unbearable, I asked for a cotton swabs, wiped it clean and applied moisturiser but pain didn’t leave me. I got very upset and walked out of the store without picking anything. It left my lips dry and soar for the next hour. L

But but but… how could I miss shopping at Sephora?? I visited them the next day and got my haul! Hua na story ka Happy Ending??

This inspired me to get fuller, plump lips without plumpers. And here’s my way of getting it. Hope you like it. I have gone a level higher and not used any lipstick. But I can assure you fuller, plumper lips that are drink proof eat proof and kiss proof.

I have used

  1. Avon – Glimmersticks – Lip liner – Pink bouquet.

  2. MAC – Pro Longwear Lip Pencil – More to love

  3. MAC –  DazzleGlass

products for lip plumping without plumpers tutorial

You can take any 2 shade of your choice of the same family of colors, in a light and dark shade. And your favourite lip gloss.

Here we go:

Step1 – Here are my bare lips. Just moisturised with lip balm.

Step1- moisturise with lip balm

Step2 – Apply a shade of lip pencil all over the lips. Define your lips and get the shape desired. Work on making the upper and lower lip of the same volume. You may go a little outside the natural lipline for the bigger lips effect.

Step2- light lip pencil all over lips

Step 3 – Take the darker shade of lip pencil and border the outside of your lips.

Step3- dark lip pencil along the lip border

Step 4 – Again take the lighter shade and start shading it on the borders bringing it in. Use small vertical strokes inwards. You will see how it’s merged from darker to lighter shade inwards. This creates an illusion of a conical shape of lips that look rounder and fuller.

Step4 - light lip pencil in inward vertical stroke

Step 5 – Apply your favourite lip gloss at the center of the upper and lower lips.

Step5 - lip gloss at the centre of lips

Tadaaaa… you done!!! Simple and trust me it doesn’t budge. All you would need is to dab on the gloss, time to time.

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  1. I just switched from d first pic t d last n the diff is really visible…n this way is so much better than using actual plumbers na? I kno so many on whom lip plumbers do more bad than gud…


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