How to get sexy smoky eyes look

Our eyes is the most important feature of our face and eye makeup can bring out the best from it. If looking beautiful is your goal then eye makeup is something which you cannot skip.
Smoky eye makeup is one of the easiest way and mostly suits all kinds of eyes. Suitable generally for night time it looks great in pictures. It defines the eyes and makes them look more intense. If one is hooked to it then they can try smoky eye look at day time as well only thing which has to be kept in mind is that one should not make it too dramatic during day time.
Eye makeup  product which you need to create the smoky eyes is:-
1. Black eye shadow
2. Silver eye shadow
3. Green eye shadow
4. Black Mascara
5. Black eye liner
6. Grey eye Liner
*Before going with final smoky eye look one should try out any dark color liner and eye shadow to find out which one suits their look the best.
*Start by lining your eyes with a grey or a black eye liner and smudge it well so that you do not look like a raccoon.
*Apply some foundation as a base .Foundation helps in sticking the eye shadow .
*Apply another gray eye shadow on top of foundation.
*After finishing with the base try to put any color of your choice to get the smoky look. You can use brown, black ,grey or silver eye shadow.
*For best result use cream eye shadow as they give long lasting eye look.
*Lining inner layer of eyes helps in giving smoky eye look.
*One can apply a black shadow which is closest to their eye first and then grey and gold or silver. Smudge it all. This will give a line less look.
*Focus on smudging and blending whenever you are trying for smoky eye look. Do not leave any lines to be seen as striking lines makes one eyes or lips looks completely unattractive.
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  1. I am mad about them and keep trying all the color every now and then:)Thanks for passing by YuvnaHave a great day ahead:)

    • try to do it once in a week or twice in a week ..u will get use to of will look great on yur face pavani 🙂


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