How To Get Smooth Feet Instantly


How To Get Smooth Feet Instantly

The feet are most neglected part of our lives though they are the ones who help us catch up with the life’s pace day in and day out. I am so guilty of not caring for my feet, that I have started feeling remorse over my dead feet which are cracked and sore now. And this is just because of the lag of energy in me during the night hours to lend some time of my life for my skin care. Do you identify with me? If yes, we are in for a treat right now as I am about to share a few remedies some of which actually would work swiftly on your feet and you would be free of it soon.

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Actually the result may vary for someone with very sore feet as the treatment does take time but yes it would be healed before any medicine could do that for you and it’s a surety of experience from various people I know. Let me share it with you.


Yes! Apply Vaseline to your cracked and sore feet after washing them. Try this during the bed time for best results. Now after applying Vaseline liberally to cover each part of your feet, cover it with socks and go off to sleep. Once you will get up next morning, you will feel the difference!  The warmth of the socks would help the heels get heeled with Vaseline providing the necessary hydration and relief. This may however not work this quickly for people with very sore feet as I already mentioned. It would take some days for them but one should keep doing it to get the results in a shorter time.

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Warm water

This is one method for people with really bad feet. All you need to do is to soak your feet in warm water for 15 minutes. Now they must be already a little numb, use a foot file to remove the dead skin by rubbing it well. Post this, use some almond oil and rub it all across your toes and nails to soften the cuticles. Take some good amount of Vaseline as in the previous method and apply on your toes. Wear a plastic bag on your feet tying it around your ankle for each leg and move around if you are doing it around the day time or are not going to bed this early. Remove it once you feel the skin is peeled off and feels new. One needs to repeat this every night for a week for those subtle feet that you always wanted.

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There are some necessary to do’s which one must follow along with these remedies to have beautiful feet. And this is not what I am preaching only, I am also going to follow this now beginning the new year!

These are :

  • Feet are equally important as our face is – We exfoliate, we clean and we keep our face hydrated but we forget our feet. Why? We must not forget it as it is the one body part which keeps us ‘moving’.


  • We should not bare our feet – We are not in temples all the time right? So moving bare feet or wearing those flat socks is what we do wrong to each other with.

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  • Wear right kind of shoes – We should wear what is comfortable to us and our heels for a comfortable feel to ourselves.


Have you tried any of these ways to keep your feet happy & healthy?

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