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I am on a writing spree for summers and how can I miss those nails? Bright and summery nail paints are back in the kitty with different floral and peppy nail art designs. Summer is all about those neon and eye-catching colours after the mundane and dull winters. But before having a blast with your nail paints and nail arts, you will have to make your nails prepared for all that. This post is all about, how to get summer ready nails to make your nails be in their best shape throughout the season!


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How to get Summer Ready Nails:

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Writing how to get summer ready nails step by step!

Nail Care:

Nail Care is the first and most essential step in this whole process. If your nails are not beautiful and yellow, then no matter what art you do, it will look horrible! So before beginning anything, let’s see what are the nail care products we have this summer. Be ready to say goodbye to dry cuticles, hangnails and constant chips.  😀

Before proceeding to any step, the first one to make your nails look good is to exfoliate them and the cuticle part. You can rather exfoliate your whole hands concentrating on the nails. Like your face and lips, your hands and nails a little bit scrubbing too!

Juicy Chemistry Hand and Foot Scrub:

Price: 200 INR

juicy chemistry hand and foot scrub

This brand Juicy Chemistry is all around the place with their all natural and innovative products. This hand and foot scrub from the brand will make your hands all soft and nourished. It will also make your nails prepare for the next step.

  • Hand and nail cream:

Nail cream is a must when you need some good nails and have to take care of it. There are various brands that manufacture good nail creams – Innisfree, The Body Shop, Juicy Chemistry and all.

Juicy Chemistry Hand And Nail Cream:

Price: 200 INR

juicy chemistry hand and foot cream

Juicy Chemistry is an organic brand that manufactures some vegan and cruelty-free products. This hand and foot cream from this brand is loaded with the goodness of herbal ingredients to make your nails soft and less prone to dryness.


The Body Shop Hand and Nail Cream:

the body shop almond hand and nail cream

Price: 5 Euros

The Body Shop is all about quality products and this nail cream is an example. It is loaded with the goodness of Almonds to make nails all strong and the cuticles soft. This is an essential cream for dry and rough nails.


  • Nail trimmer:

nail trimmer

Nail Trimmers are ever essential to get the perfect nail shape. This tool not only helps to get the perfect length of nails but also the perfect cutting of nails. A good nail trimmer is a must essential when it comes to nail care.


  • Nail file:

nail filer

Nail filer is so essential to get rid of the rough and sharp edges of the nails. It makes the nails super blunt so that you don’t scratch your own skin. It also helps to keep nail hangnails.


  • Cuticle remover:

cuticle remover

Though many people feel this is not an essential step, cuticle removing is must when it comes to nail health. Like your dead cells need to be removed to get the glowing skin out, cuticles need to be removed to make your nails breathe and be healthy.

  • Nail Strengthener:

opi nail strengthner

Nail Strengthener is a new concept for Indian ladies, still, this is an essential step. Many Indian brands don’t have this product on their shelves but a single coat of this nail strengthener makes your nail resistant to breakage. This is an essential product for ladies with brittle nails.


Nail Paint:

Lotus Ecostay Chip Resistant High Shine Nail notd

Now comes the most interesting part of the post – nail paint. Nail paints for summers are neon, bright and on the nails kind of. These nail paint colours will surely give you some summer vibes!

Orange nail paints

Nude nail paints:

All time red nail paint:

Nail Art:

Nail arts are so in these days and with summer, it is even funkier! You can either create some nail art designs with some colours or can add stickers and use some nail art tools.

Women False Fake Acrylic cute Nails

Even the toenails shouldn’t be missed!

That’s all folks!

See the video on Colorbar Luxe Nail Lacquer here to pick some shades






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