How To Get Tanned Without Being Freckled


How To Get Tanned Without Being Freckled

Okay! For all those beauties who all have been “blessed” with naturally pale skin and want to get some tan without freckles this article is for you.

Freckles appear because of melanocyte cell. All of just have melanocyte cell in the skin. These melanocyte cells produce melanin and it is this melanin that makes the skin appear darker. If the melanocyte cells produce more melanin your skin tends to appear darker, while if it produces less melanin your skin appears fairer or paler. When you get freckles it means the melanocyte cells in your skin are clustered up in spaces instead of being evenly spread. Clustered up melanocytes also mean that your skin cannot get an even tan. The longer you stay out in the sun your freckles will appear more pronounced.


First off excess amount of sun exposure makes you vulnerable to skin cancer. So try and avoid it as much as possible. But if you must tan try and follow these methods in order to avoid getting freckles.


best sunscreen india

Wear a sunscreen with a UV protection at least SPF30. Sunscreens bottles are always labelled with SPF(sun protection factor)number. The higher the number of SPF obviously the better you stay protected from the harmful UV rays. You don’t want die trying to get tanned after all.


wear a hat while getting tanned

A hat with a large extended brim will help protect your face while tanning. And looks quite fashionable at the same time.  It also helps to protect your hair from getting damaged in the sun and saves your head from the heat. You want a tan not a sun-stroke.

Take a break !

Always ,  take breaks between tanning sessions. Cause otherwise continuous exposure for a very long time will make your freckles worse. Plus cause damage to your skin. If you are at the beach and you are trying to get a tan, take breaks in between and go sit under an umbrella or anywhere where you may find shade.

Avoid the peak hours

Try and avoid the sun when it is at its prime position. Sun bathing in the morning till 10am is fine. Or if you cannot manage during the mornings then go after 4pm. When the Sun is about to set. The rays though still harmful will be less harsh during these hours.

Tanning beds

Tanning beds are not really the best options. This bed is a device to get tanned artificially. Where ultraviolet rays are emitted for cosmetic  tanning. Because of the adverse effects of the UVA and UVB rays on the body, which will not only cause more freckles to appear but also damage the skin making in prone to skin cancer, pre-mature aging, and cataracts. So for all those freckles beauties who have been contemplating on trying tanning beds, it’s a complete no no!

Now for some safer options:

Tanning sprays or lotions

sunless tan sprays and lotion

The safest options would probably be trying tanning sprays. It is an artificial method where you do not need to expose your boy to the sun, hence chances of get freckles is zero. Just make sure you are following the before and after procedures of these sprays for the best results. Sun less tan lotion or sprays or bronzers as they are called contains melanoidins. And this melanoidin replaces the top layer of your skin. Thus it is also advised that you exfoliate your skin properly before applying the lotion or spray. The tan from these sun less sprays lasts up to 2-3 days. And if you want to keep a good tan on then just keep reapplying the spray.


Beautician with airbrush-pistol and client in a cosmetic studio

Airbrush tanning is also another safe alternative. You can get this done at tanning salons. And the risk of getting stains which you might get from sunless tan sprays is not there in this case. This too lasts for a good number of days.


The quickest solutions would be to probably apply bronzers. It’s a quick to add color to your skin and can be easily washed off.

So all the beauties out there, trying to get some color, you can get tanned if you want to just don’t end up killing yourself or damaging your skin in the process.

Which tanning method are you going to try?

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