How To Get Tanned Without Spending A Lot Of Money


How To Get Tanned Without Spending A Lot Of Money

India is a country which is obsessed with fairness, where people think that looking better means you have to look fairer and where the desire for white skin is deeply rooted in its very culture, and presents itself in Bollywood, advertisements, the Internet, family advice and preferences, etc. Not only India, people through out the world runs after fairness and being fair.

wear a hat while getting tanned

But even in this fairness frenzy world, there are people who love to warm up their complexion, want to get tanned.

So today we’ll discuss on how to get tanned without spending a lot of money.

The SPF method:-

spf 30 sunscreen india

Be in and out of water:-

If you are holidaying in some beach areas, and want to get tanned before coming back, then the sea water can help you a lot. Be in and out of the water. You’ll get a tan way faster and more even than just laying out in the sun. But again, don’t forget a waterproof sunscreen lotion.

Natural Tan enhancers:-


There are natural tan enhancers which you can use before going out into the sun and wash off with soap and water afterwards. Green tea extract and oils like olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, sesame oil, sunflower oil and hazelnut oil are great tan enhancers. But don’t allow the sun to radiate your skin and fry you. Apply sunscreen underneath and go for a few sessions instead of getting burned in a single session.

Tanning lotions/oils:-

Tanning oils, as you can understand by the name, it speeds up the appearance of a tan. But how it is better from the normal oil enhancers? You get SPF protection from most of the tanning oils. They usually come with SPF 15-20. You can get tanning oils even at 5$.

Some tips for that perfect tan:-

  • Keep yourself hydrated. As they say, Well hydrated skin is less likely to burn and more likely to tan.
  • Rotate your body around so that you get an even tan. Remember how you twist and turn the chicken pieces in the grill/tandoor 😛
  • You get tanned best and fast during the peak hours, i.e from 10am to 4pm. I would personally never recommend you to bask in the sun in those hours, but if you have go out during that time of the day, don’t forget your sun blocks.

So, thats it. Hope you find the tips and methods helpful. Focus on a gradual and safer tanning process.

Do you like to get a tanned look?

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