How To Get The Perfect Bridal Matte Lips


How To Get The Perfect Bridal Matte Lips

Proper makeup is very essential on your D-day. It enhances your best features and hides flaws (if any). After doing base, eyes, cheeks and all, one of the last things we use when applying make-up is lipstick, and bridal lips means velvety matte lips. Nothing looks more alluring than a pair of sultry matte red lips on your D day.

To perfect moist, velvety matte lips without leaving any chapped or cakey areas on your pout is an art not easily mastered says Clinique makeup artist Jenna Menard and I can’t agree with her enough.

NYX Matte lipstick merlot hot pink

I am obsessed with matte lipsticks. They stay on for hours, don’t budge a bit, and look absolutely gorgeous! And that’s very necessary on your D-day. If you have a sexy matte lipstick then it’s okay. But what if you don’t have one or cant find one in the last moment? Don’t worry. I’ll be guiding you on your way to perfect those matte pout.


Tools you would need-

  • Any lipstick, gloss or lip cream
  • Normal tissue paper
  • Powder brush
  • Loose face powder

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Amsterdam lip swatch

How to get the look?

Apply the lipstick as you do for perfect pout. If you are using a matte lipstick or a semi matte one, it is always recommended to use a lip liner of matching color underneath to enhance your matte lip color. And to further mattify the look, place a normal tissue paper covering your lips. Take the powder brush and pick some loose face powder on to the brush and gently swipe it all through the tissue paper covering your lips. You can see a more matte color on your lips. You can press your lips on the tissue paper again to see there is no trace of lipstick. That means, now your lipstick is not only more matte, it is stain proof and less transferable. This ensures long staying power.

Tools you would need-

  • Any lipstick, gloss or lip cream
  • Matching blush
  • A lip brush

Lipstic matte

How to get the look?

This is the simplest one. Apply your lipstick the regular way. Find a matching blush to your lipstick. Smear a finger into the powder blush and press and stamp the finger over your lips. All you have now is the best matte lip color on your face.

Points to remember:

  • You should always smooth your canvas before going for matte lips. Exfoliate your lips well and scrub off the dead, flaky skin. Apply a lip balm. Wait for 10 minutes and then remove the balm with a tissue paper.
  • Conceal any flaws around your lips. Perfect matte lips require a perfect canvas. Thus conceal any imperfections; it can be dark lip sides, redness or discoloration around lips, etc. Use a bit of foundation or concealer around the outer edges of your lips to hide the flaws.
  • After you apply the translucent powder or blush, don’t forget to blend well. Cakey spots are strict NO.
  • Using lip liner to line your lips and as a base color is a must if you want a better looking matte lips.

So these are the most effective ways to mattify your lipsticks and make them stay throughout the function. Do try and let us know.. Also share if you have any other method to mattify your lips.

Have you tried any of these tips to get perfect bridal matte lips?

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