How To Get The Perfect Salon Blowout At Home


How To Get The Perfect Salon Blowout At Home

Kate Middleton is the leader of bombshell blowouts and we totally envy her hair. We also want our hair to look that fantastic every time we step out. It needs a trip to salon and money to get the perfect blowout. You can save time and money if you style your hair at home but the results are not that amazing. It happens because we don’t know the little tricks that professionals use. I have digged some of the pro-tips that you can use To Get The Perfect Salon Blowout At Home. Remember that it takes time but you will save travel time to salon while saving a few bucks.

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Start on almost dry hair

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Never try to style your hair when it’s dripping with water. Wait till your hair is about 80% dry that is it looks dry but feels wet. You can let your hair air dry or if you are in a rush, dry your hair with a dryer without using a hairbrush.

Apply small amount of heat protection spray on hair. You can also apply a styling spray or mousse that provides heat protection. Do not apply too much or your hair might look limp. I spray heat-protection spray on my paddle brush and run it through my hair.

Time for action

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Pin the hair on the back of your head. Take a small round brush and and dry the front section with its help. Wrap your hair around the brush and pull it backwards while keeping the nozzle of hair dryer near the roots. Philips Lightest AC Dryer is perfect for the job.

Next move to the top section. Take a bigger round hairbrush for this area. Unclip a small section and dry it in the same way you did your front hair. After drying top hair, do the same with the bottom hair and you will be done.

Working in small sections works best. If you want your blowout to last longer, here is a tip- when you are done with one section, roll it back loosely and clip it with a duckbill clip. When all your hair is done, remove the clips to get better curls and more volume. Instead of clips, you can use rollers to set your hair and blast them with dryer, just before unrolling. Using curlers makes the blowout last even longer.

Add shine

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Lastly, spritz on some shine spray for glossy hair. Again, rather than spraying it directly on hair, spray it on your hand. Run your hands lightly through your hair while pushing it up for extra lift. You can also spray on some holding spray if your hair doesn’t hold curls for long but use it sparingly.

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