How To Get Thicker Eyebrows


Karishma asks,

I find fuller thick eyebrows so sexy but like many even I am not blessed with a beautiful thick eyebrow set.Is there any trick or product which can make the eyebrows look thick ?


How to get thicker eyebrows


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  1. Hi Thick eyebrows are blessed by genes from your family…. Still you can try these remedies
    Apply Cold compressed castor oil on ur lids and eyebrows daily night
    Massaging the area will helps to increase hair growth…

  2. I too heard Castor Oil helps in getting thicker eye brows. But how much of this is true i am yet to get a positive answer! best of luck to you… 😐 🙂

  3. i mix some olive oil and castor oil and apply it on my brows. During the day time, use some aloe gel on your brows. A lot of people lose brow thickness because their brow skin gets dandruff, that happens due to dryness..

  4. I had very thin brow hair.. i followed many home remedies but nothing helped me much.. but when i went to my derma reg. premature grey hair, he said nothing can be done on that part but gave a hair supplement which helps in hair growth and strength.. I took the tablets for more than two months, my hair fall has reduced but am not sure abt strength and growth.. but fortunately and surprisingly my brow hair has become thicker (though not much).. am really really happy for this as i didn’t expect.. so take supplements.. and as many said massage ur brow hair with castor oil / olive oil or castor + olive oil.. also avoid plucking often.. u can use tbs brow and liner kit.. it looks natural..

  5. Hi Karishma
    Thick eyebrows need a lot of patience, nightly application of castor oil and very limited plucking, that too just the extras.
    To make your eyebrows look good during this time, you can first coat them with clear mascara/Aloe vera gel and while it is wet, apply a dotted coat of brow powder/dark brown eyeshadow lightly over the eyebrows with an angled brush. That will help you tide over the period of waiting, while your eyebrows look awesome and noone will ever realize.
    Remember not to go overboard with the brow powder..we dont want any “Krur Singh” lookalike na 😉


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