How To Get Those Perfect Crimson Lips


How To Get Those Perfect Crimson Lips

Crimson simply means deep red, red in the utmost purest color. Red is the color of Love and war, wisely said, red is the color for which you fall instantly. We all admire those lovely wanting red lipstick shade and urge it on our lips but I am very well aware of the hesitation of applying it.

The boldest of all color isn’t that easy to carry, but trust me no complexion exists on this mother earth which isn’t made for this beauty color.

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It just need one time courage for opting and people will start adoring you in no time. But the most important thing is the way and beauty of applying it. Lipsticks gives a damn bad impression if drawn and applied wrongly, especially bold colors like red, maroon, if applied wrongly can be very easily noticed and all your efforts for looking super gorgeous and intention to give boys urge to taste you once.

Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick Diva Red 500

So here we will be discussing some very important points to keep in mind while going for Perfect Crimson Lips.

Scrub your lips

The process starts with scrubbing your lips by your daily use face scrub. This will help to make your lips soft and smooth. This is a very important step as it will remove the deal layer from your lips and will help in smooth application of lipstick.

If not scrub, you can also try brushing your Lips. Take your toothbrush and put some glycerin on it, brush your lips softly and it will work just like scrub.

Lip balm

Chapice Revo Watermelon Lip Balm close look

Put some lip balm and properly dissolve it on your lips. This is important as it will help in smooth application of lipstick and will also help in increasing the staying power of it.

Lip concealer

For people who have dark lips, they should apply lip concealer on their lips so that lipstick could give its original color and there could be same skin tone of both the lips.

Lip Liner

Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner 675 Red - SHADE (1)

Choosing a lip liner is a difficult task. A wrong chosen color can kill the whole game. So while buying lipstick, match your lipstick by drawing circle on your hand and then filling with the tester of lipstick. Make sure both the colors are exact same.

Lip Liner helps in giving the exact desired shape of lips. Draw your lip edges by it and then do the filling.


best red lipstick milani lipstick

Choose a lipstick which is waterproof. Though they are little expensive, but I believe in investing on things which define our whole look. After merging in the party, we forget about our makeup and here we lose that chance. So be smart and save and spend on things and wont rest regretting.

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  • Start application from the center of the mouth; apply by brush or by tube and then blend outwards to the corners of the lips. This will help you to build richer look.
  • Blot it on the tissue paper and reapply.
  • For that oomph lips and sexy pout, use white eyeliner to conceal your lips and then blend it well, it will give a fuller look.

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Hope you like these tips for the perfect crimson lips which you can pull off without any efforts on any given occasion!

Have you tried these tips for the perfect crimson lips?

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