How to Get Wine Colored Hair?


How to Get Wine Colored Hair?

Hello Gorgeous Girls!

How are monsoon winds appeasing you these days? The monsoon brings with it something extraordinary, doesn’t it? But soon the days of pitter-patter would be gone, and the drizzling will be replaced by the chilly winds of autumn and the winters! Everyone, especially me, wants to play up with new aspects of style and fashion with the changing weather and months.


Come summers, and I want all the nude lipsticks in the world, come winters, I want a new hair color! And winters call for gorgeous, deep hair colors such as wine, reds and burgundy and why not? These are some of the most classic hues to color your Indian hair in!

This post is especially dedicated to let you pretty women know how to achieve the wine hair-color look, even if you are scared of damaging your hair with chemicals! Yes, we have a wine-hair color trick for every one of you! Keep reading below!

Use Henna-Beetroot Natural Hair-Color

How To Make a Beetroot Powder and Its Uses - POWDER

We Indians, when think of coloring our hair; we generally feel inhibited with the vast amounts of chemicals involved in the artificial dying process, and are afraid that they might damage the hair completely. If you are one of those people, an au-naturale henna hair-coloring pack is the solution for you. All you need is finely milled henna powder and the juice of a couple of beetroots, depending upon the length and volume of your hair.

More the beetroot juice, the more reddish-wine the hair color. So mix accordingly!

This coloring technique does not ensure exact wine color, but that’s the closest you can do while going the natural way. And of course, the pack is nourishing and everything good for the hair.

The Conventional Wine-Hued Hair Dye

So all of those who do not have patience or the will to go through the ordeal of natural hair coloring packs you can always opt for the easier way out by taking is consideration the option of wine tinted hair dye. If you can look past the option of artificial chemicals and toxins present in them, the option of painting your hair using wine dyes is open for you.

We also have a step by step tutorial to color your hair using artificial dyes here.

Use Hair Chalks

hair chalk

Now this is a relatively new take on creating the wine-colored home in a few easy steps, sans the long-lasting effect and added chemical toxins. Hair chalks have been gaining quite some popularity these days. People use it all the time when they are in quick need of turning a look from drab to fab or for any special quirky hair-look occasions. Hair chalks come in quite some colors the most unconventional like sea-green, neon yellow, pinks and oranges. All you need to do is run the chalk on wet strands of your hair and you get the color on the strands.

This method is not the most long-lasting but that’s the good part about it. You can try fun colors and create some quirky rainbow-inspo hairstyle without having to worry about the next day at office. They come off with a good shampoo, though conditioning is a must afterwards.

Add On Some Wine-Colored Extensions

hair extension

Now this is a lazy-girl hair color hack for babes like me who are not so sure about taking the plunge into hair colors right now. Why should we dip our hair in pool of artificial color in a moment of uncertainty when we have the clip-on hair extensions to our rescue. Ok, these do not come cheap the cheap ones look fake and out of the place but still you can always reuse them and thus they get less expensive than actual hair-dying.

The key to using clip-on extensions is that you need to place the clip-ons strategically. Decide if you want wine low-lights or high-lights and place them accordingly. Add as many or as less as you like to achieve the desired look.

I bet, none of you feel inhibited by the very name of wine hair color now! So when are you picking up the trend?

Have you tried the Wine hair color?

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