How To Give Yourself A Professional Looking Manicure At Home?


How To Give Yourself A Professional Looking Manicure At Home

A Manicure? Is it even that necessary so as to dedicate a whole post to it? This was what even I used to think before I actually saw the difference a good quality manicure could make to your otherwise dull looking hands. The women today live in a world where they have to fulfill the duties of home and the world. From scrubbing off the floor, doing the dishes, or spending hours on the computer, making her fingers work; leave alone keeping her presentable at all points of time. And let’s be real, a weekly trip to the nail salon can be dreadfully time consuming as well as financially troublesome. So here I bring you the tried and tested tips to make your nails look healthy and strong, while actually making them so.

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Invest In A Large Bottle of Pure Acetone

And I mean Large, like really; you are going to reach up for this bottle packed with harsh chemicals the most. I agree, some people do claim pure acetone to be harmful for the nails. But seriously, now who has the time to wait for the diluted nail polish removers to take hours to clean up your nails. Nonetheless, pure acetone can make the clean-up process a lot easier. Dab your cotton swab in your acetone and clean your nails, removing any nail polish or any other particles that may be fixated to your nails. Follow this step regardless of whether you have any nail polish on your nails or not.

Thought the nails may feel dry after using acetone, but do not worry. We got you covered here. Just keep reading.

Soak, Soak, and Soak!

This is the most relaxing part of your manicure. Fill in a bowl of any preferred size with warm water, and add a few squirts of your favorite face cleanser. You can add a few drops of any essential oils if you want a more luxurious, spa like treatment. Just make sure to avoid any detergent or soapy cleansers in the water as they can further dry your nails. After having soaked your nails for about 5-10 minutes, take the nails out, and place them on a dry towel, completely drying your hand.

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Trim, File and Buff Your Way Out To Perfection

Now that your hands and nails are super-soft prior the soaking, they are much more manageable. This is the time to give your nails the desired shape and length, which suits your personality and lifestyle. For beginners, try and keep your nail length to medium, so that you do not risk chipping your nails.

Avoid Metal files. Instead opt for crystal files or emery boards to gently shape your nails without damaging the nail bed. Make sure to file your nails in one direction, without using a rigorous to and fro motion. We would suggest a crystal file for this purpose as they are the smoothest and would suit even the most softest of the nails.

Now comes the time to buff. Buffing is very crucial when it comes to a professional looking manicure. The better you buff, the more appropriately your nail polish tends to cling to your nails, making your polish last for longer periods of time.

do manicure once in a month

Tame Your Cuticles

Try and invest in an efficient cuticle remover, the ones from O.P.I and China Glaze are really amazing. If you don’t feel like splurging, you can always opt for olive or jojoba oil to nourish your cuticles. Just place a drop of oil on each nail and massage it for a few seconds. After letting the oil sit on your nails for 5-10 minutes, take your cuticle pusher, and using the flat end of your tool push the cuticles back. Some people believe in trimming your cuticles, but I would recommend you to stay away from doing so; especially if you are an amateur. For the more experienced, you can trim your cuticles. But make sure to snip-off just the edges and not to cut it at the base as nail cuticles act as protective layer for our nails and protects the nail bed from various bacteria, yeast and fungi.

Salley Hansen Instant Cuticle Remover Review package+manicure

Do not neglect your hands

Oh yes, no manicure can make your nails look pretty if your hands are not properly nourished and lack radiance. Take a good-quality hand lotion or a rich body cream and massage it onto your beautiful hand s to make them retain their youth and softness. Massage well into the skin and let the skin absorb it for about 10-15 minutes.

Now gently take a cotton swab dipped in acetone and remove any excess oil or moisture from your nail.

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A Nourishing Base Coat

Though it may sound insignificant, a base coat is the thing which makes all the difference while trying to achieve a professionally-done nail look. Base coats, generally clear, come in an array of varieties, from protecting to calcium building. Chose your base coat wisely, as a strong foundation leads to a beautifully built building.

good basecoat and topcoat

Paint In Layers

Now is the fun part, bring out the artist in you and start painting. Choose your favorite shade and texture of nail polish while your base coat dries. Make sure to start applying the polish in thin layers once the base coat is completely dry. Apply your polish in three stokes, starting from the base of the center, upwards and then on both the sides. Thin coats are easy to mange and look more professional without looking goopy. Wait till the first coat gets completely dry and then follow up with the second coat for a more opaque finish.

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Top Coat Is All That It Takes

Truly, top coat is indeed all what it talks to maintain your manicure for much longer. A good quality, fast-drying top coat can add the lustrous, glossy finish to your nails; at the same time cutting the time intervals of waiting for your polish to dry up completely. Reapply you top coat every few days to keep your manicure looking clean and freshly-done.


So here are my complied steps to give your hands the spa like treatment at home while making your nails look professionally done. Plus, saving you tons of money. Go try them out and thank me later for this.

When are you giving yourself a professional looking manicure at home?

Have you tried these manicure tips?

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