How To Grow Nails Faster


How To Grow Nails Faster

Nails are one of the important objects in the beautification of nails. Nails consists of a kind of protein known as Keratin which is responsible for its growth and nourishment. The hair on the scalp consists of the same keratin protein.

Strong and beautiful nails are a pre-requisite for having beautiful hands which add an attraction to the entire personality of a woman. Every girl wants to have those long manicure nails on which they can apply nail paints as per their look on each occasion. Here we will know the various ways in which woman can ensure that they have good nail growth and they remain strong.

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Tips to make the nails grow faster-

  • First of all the primary reason for the nails to not grow fast is that many people have the habit to bite their nails which is the main reason the nails can’t get big enough to give any shape. This is also an unhygienic habit as the nails carry so much of bacteria and other microbes which travel in to the stomach when nails are bitten which cause severe stomach problems. Hence nail biting should be immediately stopped if you wish to grow the nails faster.
  • A diet which is rich in protein is one of the most effective reason as the nails too contain the keratin protein. Just as the scalp hair, a protein rich diet will make them grow faster and stronger.
  • Woman tend to engage in many household activities like washing dishes, clothes, other household chores like cleaning etc. the contact with the harmful chemicals in these cleaning liquids adversely effect the health of the nails and make them weak. Always make sure to wear a glove while doing these chores to save your nails from getting weak & brittle.
  • For people who don’t want to cut their nails at all, this seems a difficult but it is one another easy way to make your nails grow faster. Regular trimming of the nails is yet another way to ensure that they grow back faster.

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  • Olive oil massage once in a week is a great tip for those ho wish to keep long nails. Dip the nails in olive oil for 1-2 minutes and then massage the nails gently. It will help in blood circulation and your nails will become stronger and grow fast.

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  • Never use cheap nail paints or nail paint removers as they contain harmful chemicals which naturally degrade the nail surface making them weaker and prone to damage. Using good quality of nail paints will do no damaging effect on the health of the nails.
  • Always apply a good hand cream at night so as to let the nails remain moisturized throughout the night time as then they will complete absorb in the moisture and remain healthy.
  • Garlic is believed to do a lot to the nail growth and rubbing a clove of garlic will surely do a lot to keep the nails long and strong.

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I hope you liked these easy ways in which one can keep long nails! Do try these if you have short and brittle nails.

Have you tried these ways to make your nails grow fast?

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