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Pushpa asks,

Hi ,

I have asked many times but did not get the appropriate answer for my question. i have oily to combination skin and age is 28. i m married. my problem is that my skin is very dull. Even after scrubbing my skin dont give any fresh or radiant look instead it gets more dull. Right now i m using biotique papaya scrub. i m following CTM from 2 months now. but nothing is helping me out.. can u tell me if  my way of scrubbing is not right. can u tell me the right step of scrubbing.? Hope u all understand my problem and help me with your appropriate and valuable advice.


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  1. do you drink lots of water ?? water cleanses everything and removes dullness from skin .. make sure apart from all efforts you drink 8 glasses of water everyday.

  2. Pushpa I have had the same problem as yours…exfoliation is most definately the answer to glowing skin but not physical exfoliation with scrubs, rather chemical exfoliation with active ingredients like salicylic acid
    there is a facewash called saliac or saslic with 2% salicylic acid use it during morning, after that use a toner and moisturizer preferably with salicylic acid.I use the fab india tea tree toner ,it has salicylic acid and clean and clear moisturizer.
    At night apply a retinao-a or AHA rich moisturizer after doing your CTM with a good cleanser and toner WITHOUT SALICYLIC ACID !!!!!!
    dullness is also due to sun damage.Whenever you go out apply a sunblock and also when you get up in the morning apply a good day cream, my absolute HG that has helped me a lot is lotus herbals whiteglow emulsion
    But the best suggestion I can give you is to go to the derm, trust me it will help you a lot and also give atleast 2-3 months for the results to show,dont be impatient

      • They r a bit expensive.. charges around 1500 to 1800 per session from a big branded place, But skin doctors do it cheaper. These include micro-dermabrasion and AHA peeling. but people will start noticing it on u in 4 sessions. after doing 8 sessions u need to do it once a month for maintenance.

  3. TAKE RICCONIA SILVER 1 everyday if u r not on any will give u great skin . nice hair, make u active, make ur nails has all the nutrients mom takes it and she swears by it..i too take it whenever i feel my diet is bad;)

  4. I’ll have to agree with the rest. No scrub, moisturiser or treatment can replace lack of nutrients. Eat lots of fruits & veggies with minimal masala, get a good night’s rest, drink water, use sun protection & don’t get stressed. :watermelon: :bowl:

    Pamper your skin with rich at home facials & massages.

    If you don’t do these, you are bound to get dull skin & dark circles :((

    Avoid excessive :coffee: , :pizza: , :beer: & :smoke:

    If nothing works, just fake the glow with a good illuminator & bronzer 😀

  5. yes i m drinking 2 litres of water everyday. can u tell me d reason why scurb and pack dont work on me, they make skin more dull.

    fahee form where can i get this supplement ???

    • Maybe you are using the wrong type of packs for your skin type, maybe your skin needs more moisture – it’s very difficult to pin point the exact cause. Lack of glow may also be becoz of medication or some internal imbalance / disease.

      Glow is not *just* an external factor, it is the result of a number of things like pore size, clarity of skin, eveness of skin tone & overall mental & physical health. If any one is in imbalance then you can lose glow. Analyse your routine, your health. Visit a dermatologist – they might be able to help you pin point the exact cause. It is a lil difficult for us to tell, coz we don’t know what your lifestyle is like.

  6. from 5 days i have strated eating an apple in moring. but it also dont show any effect?? wondring why it is happening to me only. some people dont do anythign and have very good skin. pls tell me what should i do to improve my skin texture,

  7. • Mix sandalwood powder, lemon juice, cucumber paste,turmeric powder and lemon juice and apply it.This will remove the tan and brighten your face.

  8. You can vivit a dermatologist and alternately visit Patanjali clinic (or any Ayurvedic clinic for that matter) , consult the ayurvedic doc there..they give effective medicines to cleanse your system gradually….

  9. I would recommend water, lots of fresh veggies, sleep and to stop worrying about your skin! I know this is a beauty blog and you want beauty tips and not gyan! but ultimately your skin reflects your internal state..if you are stressed or worried, it will only cause more problems for your skin. Try to be happy. Get your hormone levels measured so that you are sure you have no hormonal imbalance. Finally, like you said some ppl have great skin without doing anything and the reason is their genes! There is only so much that packs, facewashes and supplements can do. I am saying all this out of experience. I have faced a lot of stress due to my skin until I just decided that I am not going to worry about it anymore because worrying is not solving anything! I am sorry for the long comment.

  10. tel u d best solution for dis probs.daily after u wake up in d morning,hav tender coconut water in empty has proven for skin bcame so shiny and had glow.mild srubbing shud b done only once in 12 days.immediately after ur srubbing,u shud apply a face pack followed by any herbal water(rose water/cucumber juice/astringent) to close d open pores.after it gets dried up its a compulsory to use moisturiser.Apart from dis,ur regular CTM shud be products of mild/herbal ingredient.

  11. hi dear… i get this prob someimes as well.. same type of skin i got. sometimes i glow n sometimes wtever i do i look more dark ie dullness which is a big no dusky skin.. so wt i do is, i take small amount of scrub ayur walnut scrub coz this scrub doesnt produce more oil to my already oily skin . dont use too creamy scrub lik everyuth walnut one. then i take green tea 2 spoons n 1 spoon of sugar and before it melts or dissolve i rub gently on my skin. u can add 2-3 drops of lemon juice as well.. rub gently till it dissolves and wait 4 a couple of mins then rinse. dont use soap. this wil remove all dead skin dullness and pimple marks wil fade slowly.. sugar has salicylic acid 🙂 so it gud.

    then lastly pat urface dry n put 3drops of glycerine n 3 drops of rosewater. leave it on for as long as u lik. u can leave it overnight as well but u might catch cold.. morning u can see how nicely ur skin feels… it wil glow. it wil be smoother n softer.

    dont go for these clay masks 4 now. use it later on when ur skin bcomes too oily someday but not for now.. lik our friends here suggested, have water.. dont stop having fruits. exercise.. have veggies.. y dont u use some apple with honey on face next time whn u eat an apple.. it does wonders.. every morning use lemon n honey for face n neck and rinse after 10mins. im sure u will love the results. give a weeks time to notice radiant skin..

    also i recommend ponds flawless white daily lotion not cream for day cream and flawless white brightening night cream and very very gud oil free sunscreen.. i use lotus 3 in 1 matte finish sunscreen… dont go in sun after using the things i recommended you to coz sugar, lemon honey all will lighten skin but makes ur skin prone to sun damage. pls use sunscreen.. also last but no the least.. MEDITATE dear.. have a wonderfull glowing weekend.. sry i wrote too much 😀

  12. Hi Pushpa,
    My honest suggestion for Dull skin would be going to A good Derma and udergo chemical peel.
    Your doc will suggest u the type of peel for your skin whether salicylic or
    glycolic and the percentage, number of sittings etc.
    I have seen my friend undergone this peels and seen a visible a change.
    but you should be patient atleast for 2 to 3 months.
    Moreover you can try home made packs but few may work few may not depends on the skin type.
    If its most stubborn skin like me then have to be more patient!. :duh:
    One more thing What i do is Before i take shower massage my face using olive and cocunut oil mixture OR with Vitamin E oil and rinse off my face with a mild face wash in steamy shower,
    by doing this my skin will be moisturized and feels glowing and fresh, for me it really works.
    and its kinda of my daily routine too :).But trust me my HG skin care Aloevera works like a magic,
    it will definitely give the dewy skin u r desperate for if u use it on a daily basis.
    And dont forget your CTM and sunblock and drinking H2O .
    Anything for beautiful skin…. 🙂

    Thanks Anamika for providing this beauty Blog, to share our tips and talks and encouraging to look and feel more beautiful we are from inside and out.. :clap-n-jump:

    • AWW thnk u so much shilpa for such vluable more thing which gave me glowy skin was use of forest essential sesame oil..i use to apply it before going to the bed and in the morning after ashing my face my skin felt glowy and soft..if oil suits any one they should surely try it 🙂

  13. You bet oiling really works well..Good to hear about sesame oil Thanx for the tip Anamika 🙂 Yes Sesame oil works nicely , you know its good for hair too. And I wanted to ask you from so many days can u pls suggest any face pack preferably from LUSH or TBS for this Open pores on my face.. I am too concerned regarding this. Thnx in advance..

    • For open pores try Clinique products..there is no perfect solution of open pores but u can keep them atleast bearable looking by using hot oil treatment .there is this clinique pore refining solution which did show me some good check out that.

      • Thanx for the suggestion Anamika. I am sure gonna try Clinique. And one more thing the hot oil treatment is a rocker… :dance: Thnx Dear for the fantastic home made natural yet effective method you have shown.. thanx a ton… :yes:


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