How To Have Korean Flawless Skin


How To Have Korean Flawless Skin

The beauty world is obsessed with Korean skincare due to the perfect skin and ageless looks they have. A major portion of beauty cosmetics are innovated in Korea as they are too addicted to a skincare regime which requires about 10-12 products on an average everyday and rely more on the natural ingredients to give the perfect skin and flawless face.

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Koreans consider the one having pale & flawless skin, eyelids with a double fold, small head, tapering chin, pointed nose and thin body structure as the ideal beauty.  Koreans are popular for their flawless beautiful skin and the skin texture is also great which makes them not looked aged at all. Well they do put a lot of  all efforts they to achieve the flawless healthy skin right from their teenage years.

So, what makes their skin so beautiful and glowing that we all are so amazed with the beauty products offered from Korea!  Just trying all those beauty recipes and  products used by the Koreans to keep their skin beautiful is enough for a flawless face?

So for having a flawless skin like the Koreans you need to do all that they perform each day for their skin. They are as under-

Healthy Eating

smoothies for healthy skin

Koreans believe that most natural beauty and a healthy glowing skin can be achieved by combining skincare along with eating the right things which enhances the benefits of the skincare products. They are into the habit of eating fresh fruits & vegetables in most of their meals.You will find an extensive menu on salads in Korea. They eat for the skin and that is what makes the skin glow from within.

Fluid Diet


This is yet another way of being hydrated from the inside and also not being overweight. On an average they include 5-6 fluid drinks in their diet to maintain the elasticity of the skin and retain the moisture of the skin making it look healthy & fresh all the time.

 Extensive Cleansing


Cleansing is probably the best kept secret in Korean women and they do it religiously and not in a hurry!  The follow a double cleansing by getting rid of dirt, sweat & makeup through a makeup remover first! And then a cleansing oil massage to remove excess impurities, traces of makeup, and blackheads by a brief massage in circular motions. They conclude their beauty regime with rinsing the skin thoroughly and then applying moisturizer all over the face until the skin absorbs the required amount of moisture.

Love for Facial Masks

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa Calming and Cleansing Fabric Facial Review+dead sea mud

They are huge fans of hydrating masks and face packs which use natural ingredients to reveal a healthy and radiant skin. They use various herbs like ginseng, green tea and the clay of volcano which is used in several high end products these days for better skin texture !

Addicted to natural Concentrates

Essential Oil treatment

The Korean Women love to apply the concentrated essence of different herbs on their skin after the cleansing and toning session is over. The essence is purest form of extract from the nature and using it directly on the skin has so many benefits which we can surely witness by the Korean skin!

Elaborate Day & Night Skincare

They do apply a lot of moisturizing creams, serums which are targeted to specific treatments for the skin. They cannot skip any skincare product and take out ample time to do so! The night skincare again involves cleansing, massaging and night cream of serum which restores the skin moisture all through the night so as to make the skin healthy and glowing in the morning!

So, these were some of the best Korean skincare must do things which one can do to have a flawless skin texture and glow as them.

Have you tried these Korean Beauty Secrets?

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  1. Ira,

    Absolutely correct. I have seen extensive salad and coolers option in Korean menu. Facemasks are yet another secret from them. I have seen the usage of peanuts and sesame oil in their diet too.


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