How to have natural red lips


To make your lips red this is an easy tip and have been sucesfully used by many.Just make past of beetroot and apply it on your lips.Eat it or wash it after after half an hour and see the color of lips enhancing.


  1. Hi Anonymous,Applying beetroot is a natural process.It will take time in removing the darkness and making them naturally beautiful…and once they start getting red it will always remain red.Thank You for visiting my blog.

  2. oooo…natural red lips :-* ,well after marriage my lips also got darken a bit,its better if i use this tip asap.
    Thanks :-))

  3. hey Anamika!
    well everyone has a kid inside…so its kind of me with my lappy.
    I do use laptop or u can say internet a lot. 🙂


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