How To Hide Broad Shoulders



How To Hide Broad Shoulders

Many women, especially who have an inverted triangular body shape have broad shoulder lines. Some consider broad shoulders as assets and flaunt them, while some feel a little less broad shoulder would have looked better on them.

When your shoulders appear broader than what you like and prefer, then you can add illusions and diminish the appearance of broad shoulders with the help of some awesome fashion tricks.

Structure and Cuts

Wear tops and dresses with deep V-necks, scoop necks, asymmetrical necks with diagonal cut sleeves, calf sleeves or dolman sleeves. Make sure the tops go past the waist. They would flatter your body type. Avoid straight cut or square necklines that elongate your wide shoulders.
Raglan sleeves and Dolman or batwing sleeves are my personal favorite for wide shouldered women. These feature softly sloping shoulders which complements and flatters wide shoulders.


how to hide broad shoulders

tips to hide broad shoulders

tips to dress up broad shoulders girls


Vertical stripes

As they say, think of elongating the body, not eliminating your shoulders. Thus wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal ones. By wearing broad horizontal stripes you’ll invite more attention to your broad shoulders. Thus, stick to vertical stripes.
*If you have to wear horizontal stripes, then keep them subtle and monochromatic.
vertical stripes clothes


Long jackets

Select longer jackets, shrugs or blazers, which create vertical, rather than horizontal, visual interest and elongate your torso. In a nutshell, Jackets or shrugs that come to the hips instead of waist.

Flared bottoms

Boycott slim fit trousers and jeans; instead women with broad shoulders should go for bottoms that flare like pants in harem, palazzo and boot-cut styles. It will balance out the top and bottom halves of your body. When wearing skirts, choose frilly skirts with volume rather than pencil or bodycon skirts.


flared pants trick to hide broad shoulder

flared skirts for broad shoulder hiding



Yes, colors play a crucial role in enhancing your body shape. If you have broad shoulders, wear dark colored top complemented by light colored bottoms. Dark colors on top will help to slim your upper half and lighter colors also create the illusion of a larger bottom half, and creates proportion. You can also choose bottoms in different prints and designs. So, wear tops in shades of black, navy blue, brown, dark green and complement and contrast it with a white or beige colored trouser or full floral printed or embellished skirt.
Hide broad shoulder by color combination

how to hide broad shoulders by color combination


Emphasize your hip

Dresses with hip detail, such as a ruffle or pockets, also put more emphasis on hips and help balance the shape of an inverted triangle figure so that it looks more like an hourglass.

dresses with hip details


Emphasize your waist

Emphasize your waists with belts of different size.

Button Down shirts is your friend

Wear button down shirts, they flatter broad shoulders like none. Keep the shirt collar open and layer under a soft camisole to draw the eye towards the waist line.


If you are wearing dresses and gowns, wear ones which flare out at bottom.


dresses for inverted triangle figure

gowns with flared bottoms


Accessorize rightly

Accessories such as long necklaces will help keep attention downward and elongate your torso. Wear long earrings, the shoulder dusting ones that will elongate your neck and drive away attention from shoulders.
long accessories best for inverted triangle figure


Wear heels

That will help you to elongate your silhouette.

No shoulder embellishments

Avoid heavy embellishments around the shoulders and necklines. That will invite unwanted attention to your already attention seeking shoulders.

Say no to shoulder pads


dresses with shoulder pads


Avoid extended shoulder pad detailing. This will emphasize your broad shoulders.

So, do you have broad shoulders? How do you dress yourself?

Do you have more tips to share for figure with broad shoulders?

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