How To Hide Love Bites

Nisha asks,
This is something really personal and this might not be the perfect place for such questions but then i cannot find any other better site.
I got married a week ago and after 4 days we are going for honeymoon. after the first night when i woked up, i was shocked to see the marks on my body and lips. well body marks are not the problem since these get covered with clothes but marks on the lips are very embarrassing. that time i covered them with the lipstick and asked my husband to be little gentle but even then lips got the marks. i realized that my lips are very sensitive. My husband is now scared even to touch them also, lolzz. please suggest some immediate measures or tricks to hide these marks and some other measures that will help in long term so that i am not in such an embarrassing situation again.
I hope the ladies out their understands my situation.
How to hide love bites


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  1. sorry… but i cant help giggling.. imagine i used to go on flights and i hadlove bite:so here u r
    orange colored concealer.. now u have a cheaper option avlb in maybelline color tattoo fierce and tangy .. then top with regular concealer n powder
    blend well
    for lips:ice to bring down soreness n then foundation on lips and then lipstick
    apply flutibact on marks to make the disappear faster so u dont have to resort to all the makeup tricks

  2. Hey Nisha.. dont be shy as its all girls world here.. and your are right that lip marks would really be embarrasing .. as ritika suggested putting Ice is pretty good idea or you can use any gel mask. and rub it over teh swollen area. as it will calm down teh swollen thing. Or splash chilled water all over your face and lips. Use dark lip colors to hide any marks 🙂 🙂
    Hope this helps.. 🙂

  3. Toothpaste!
    Believe it or not, it is THE magic ingredient. 😀

    Apply some normal toothpaste (not the gel kind, they will give you chemical burns) like Colgate and leave it on for 10-20 mins, your lovebite will be GONE! 😀 if not gone, its color will be greatly reduced.

    Trust me, I use this all the time. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Colgate helps a lot…that’s for sure…unless u hav extremely sensi skin and ur lips turn blue n purple…in that case ice will hel more 😉

  5. thnks all for ur suggestions.,.,i surely gonna try the ice n toothpaste..,my lips doesnt get swollen , its just like blood accumulated under the skin.,.is der any way i dnt get such marks.,,i mean to make lips skin a bit stronger..,!! i knw its little wierd.,,. 😕


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