How to hide open pores by makeup and herbal methods of reducing them

Large pores looks terrible and are apparently visible easily .This not only make one look unattractive but if not concealed properly spoils the whole make up look.

How to handle open pores when applying make up

To hide open pores apply a concealer and a good oil free foundation. Foundation becomes the defensive layer between the face and any harmful elements. But you must not forget to remove the foundation once you are back home, After removing it with any make up remover probably baby oil, Vaseline or olive oil which are considered to be the best make up remover for all types of skin. Wash off you face with a good face wash and apply a toner thereafter.
Toners works like magic if provided you laid your hand on the right one. Toners lighten up the skin pores temporarily.
Herbal remedy which works to tighten the pores is egg
Apply the egg white on your skin. It is one of the most popular and common way to tighten the pores. If you do not like using egg then use vegetables or a fruit which has astringent like qualities. Those with oily or combination skin can use tomatoes where as dry skin people can use any fruit.
Open pores tells that your skin develops black heads easily therefore using a face scrub twice or thrice a week is important for you. If one do not cure black heads then slowly they turn into acne.
Applying ice cubes 2-3 times a day also helps in reducing open pores.
Following the above tips religiously can bring lot of difference to your pores and can give you a flaw less smooth skin within months.


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  1. Heyy!! You have a great blog… there is so much information and tips that one can use!! Great stuff! 🙂 keep it rolling!!

  2. i have some of them on my cheeks..little ones..they are visible only while seeing closely..i think its mainly hereditary..since my mom also has some..So anyways..i know that toners work for them..i usually use rose water a toner and when i am regulary using it, they are almost invisible..also the days when i dont drink much water they seem a little big..scrubbing is a good advice..and though earlier i used to do it once a fortnight,now i do atleast once a week..great tips as always

  3. @ Swati-Welcome to my blog swati and thanks for appreacting my humble [email protected] Sovina-Open pores are genetic too but regular exfoliation,good diet ,good toners can almost make them invisible.But yes they needs regular maintenance otherwise they just grow larger and lerger.

  4. I used to have very large pores. You are right, regular care does help reduce their size drastically. Nice Tips 🙂


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